Monday, June 16, 2008

is it a bad thing if I hear my brain buzzing?

It was a quiet day with everyone gone. My honey went out target shooting, the older kids went to work, and E-girl was here watching X-man. Em bought the Sims2 and spent part of the day here, completely enthralled in creating and decorating her virtual house. She and E were just mesmerized by the whole process.

I stayed home with an upset stomach, but other than numerous visits to the little girl's room, I was up and about. I walked through part of the house and made a list that was a page and a half long of things I thought I could get done today. I looked at it just now, and I only got to cross about half of them off the list. What a bummer. That is so typical of me, trying to shove twenty pounds of potatoes into a five pound sack.

I'll just start a new list tomorrow, and move the stuff to tomorrow's list. Maybe I can get a few of them done when I get home from work.

But tomorrow I don't start till 11:00 am. If I ride in early with Dee (she's using my car while hers gets fixed), I can find a computer and work on some applications until it's time to start work. Then my honey can pick me up at 7:30. Tomorrow is the day when my honey is going to watch X-man (Dee's little guy), and Pearlie's two babes. Baby Del is two and a half, and little Jay is just two months old. It's a darn good thing Erica is going to be home to help. They are staying overnight tonight so Pearlie can go to work straight from here, so there is an extra amount of chaos tonight.

Baby Del is all about drama these days...he's just at that stage where everything is either wonderful or terrible. It's so funny, because having to come inside when he wants to play outside is a tragic incident. Not being able to find his hockey puck is another dramatic crisis. He is a hockey freak. I'm so serious. He sleeps with a hockey stick and at least two pucks. Every night. He's pretty good with the hockey stick, too! He can line up those pucks and whack them a good long ways. We have to keep a tight rein on him indoors.

But trying to type a cover letter when the kids are clamoring, and the beeper from the banana bread is beeping, and the dog is barking to go outside, and children are talking in my ear telling me what to type, is ridiculous. It makes concentrating absolutely impossible. I give up. Completely and utterly. There are no thoughts left in my head that have not bounced around like ping pong balls for the last hour. I'm going to totter down the hall, wiping the drool off my chin as I try to find my toothbrush. G'nite all.


Melissa Lester said...

Wow, you have had an interesting life. I need to park here for a while to learn more about you and how you manage your busy household -- and even with a stomach bug? You must be a Super Woman! Thanks for visiting my blog. Please come back anytime.

daisy said...

Oh, Melissa, if my kids read this, they would be quick to clue you in that I don't manage to do a whole lot very quickly. My piles of clutter are notorious for stacking up in literally minutes, and then not budging for weeks. It's kind of hopeless, I think.

But for sure I am inspired to try again. I do have those lovely bolts of fabric for curtains and such...and this summer I'm planning to take off at least one day every two weeks just to work on house projects. I'll keep you posted. :)