Wednesday, June 11, 2008

it's getting better

Oh, my gosh. On Monday after work, I limped to the car and eased myself down into the seat. The drive home took about a half hour. When I got home, I almost could not get out of the car. How did I get into this kind of shape, for crying out loud? I used to compete in gymnastics and now I'm a lump. I don't like it.

My legs were so stiff that I walked like an old lady. Seriously. I felt like I was 80 years old, taking baby steps up the stairs to the door. I headed straight for the bottle of ibuprofen. I wanted to OD on it, but I limited myself to four of my little magic pills.

I had a hard time falling asleep that night because my legs hurt, so I took four more little magic pills. Tuesday morning I felt a little better. I didn't have to go in until 11:00, so I slept in a little. Work went pretty well. I wasn't as sore when I left work yesterday, either. And today, my legs actually feel pretty good. It's just my feet that hurt a little. But I've been wearing my Crocs every day to baby my feet.

You know, it's not helping customers, or stocking books, or stocking shelves, or even inventory that I dislike. It's trying to pretend to be busy when really there is NOTHING to do. Let's see, I could unfold all the shirts that are folded and refold them so they are a little more perfect than they are right now...NOT. I can't stand trying to create busy work just for the sake of not being idle.

So when I was bored today, I made a little calendar and counted: I have 59 58 days left to do this job.

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Hey Daisy... A little something for you at my blog today! Happy Friday!