Saturday, June 7, 2008

life comes at you fast!

I just looked, and the last time I posted was Monday--it's Saturday night already! Between trying to get a ton of things done before I go back to work (yes, I found a temp job until September--yay!!), watching X-man, and getting ready for Gee's grad party tomorrow, my week has flown by.

Let me think about what is new in my world. I heard from the boys...they found a house to rent. Three of them in a two bedroom house for $800. Not bad. It's about a half hour from where they catch the bus to work, but at least they have an address. But get this! They can't receive mail mailboxes. They have to go into town and rent a PO Box. Now that's crazy. Even in town, some people have the same deal. No mailbox. Very strange. And you can't get a PO Box without a permanent address, so they had to wait till they got a place. Whew.

All the other kids will be at the grad party least I hope so. I wanna see my grandsweeties. We're having it at a park where there is a shelter. Lots of room for the kids to run, and playground equipment for them to play on. I hope the weather stays nice--no rain until we're done!

I'm so tired I can hardly walk...we worked our butts off today getting stuff ready. I forgot how much work it is. We haven't done a party since Johnny graduated, which was four years ago. Ten kids done, one to go. Whoopee!! Look at those milestones fly by.

Okay, and speaking of flying by, I saw the funniest commercial today. It's an insurance commercial, and I think it's by the same company who did the light switch one where it says, "Life comes at you fast." I gotta share the smiles.

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Crazy Daisy said...

such a funny commercial! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy the grad party and the grandsweeties!