Saturday, June 14, 2008

more about the boys...

The boys found a two bedroom house to rent--hurray! Now they can get a PO Box and get mail from me. The three boys are living there together now, but as soon as Will finds a house to rent for his family, I think he'll be out of there.

Lewie texted Gee a picture of the house they're living you think she remembered to show me? No. She deleted it. "On accident." Yeah. So I can't really tell you about what it looks like. All I know is that it's a square-shaped house with a wrap-around deck along two sides of the house. He said there is one tree in the yard. One. And they have it tied down to three posts in the ground. I guess if it weren't tied down, it probably would have blown away because of the strong wind they get out there. But the weather is cool--in the 60's, dry, and breezy right now.

The house is east of town, so they have to drive a ways to catch the bus. They have to get up around 3 am to get ready for work. They take the freeway and drive 80 mph to get to town in time to catch the bus to the mines. Lewie said everybody brings a pillow and sleeps on the bus on the way out there and on the way back. The first couple of days the boys didn't sleep, and they were the only ones awake. Then they caught on.

I thought they got paid for the bus ride, but that is another company that does that. They work for twelve hours and ride the bus home again for an hour, drive the twenty miles home, eat, go to bed, and get up and start all over again. But they'll be happy when they get their first checks. Rob put in 72 hours his first week, and Lewis put in 84. They are motivated to pay off their bills...more power to them!

They wash machines at work, and sweep up the shop if they get done and there's nothing else to do. I think Lewis wants to train to operate the earth mover machines they have out there. The earth movers are absolutely humongous. Each tire is about fifteen feet tall. That's taller than our house! I forget how tall the rest of the machine is, but he said that one "bite" with the scoop takes about forty cubic yards out of the earth. That's like more than a whole entire one of those huge dumpsters that people get for trash removal or construction debris. They have to watch out for falling dirt when they clean them. Lewis told me about one guy who wasn't paying attention, and a huge dirt chunk fell right next to him--it was as big as a refrigerator!

I asked what they were eating. "Oh, we're eating like kings," they said. Hot dogs for supper, sandwiches for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch...I don't know what kind of king eats like that--king of the road, maybe? I'm sure they have some frozen pizza in there somewhere, too.

And they said you never go to Walmart in town at night. The food in the store is pretty much cleaned out then, and there are so many people there at night that you could end up waiting for half an hour or more in line to check out. I can't imagine. It must be a really strange way to live, but I guess people adapt and do what they have to in order to get the bills paid.


Flower said...

Hi Daisy a Day! It's nice that you came over to see me! I will take some time today to get to know you via your blog. I like your header....A Daisy a's very cheerful!
I can see, at first glance, that you have a full life with lots of kids! Wonderful!
We are off to the "pancake store" with our grand nephew...who spent the night with us! :))

Cindy Swanson said...

Hi Daisy! I'm trying to visit the blogs on the Family Friendly Blogroll. I really enjoyed checking yours out! It looks like we have a lot in common. Hopy you'll come visit mine when you get a moment! :)

Terra Hangen said...

Hi Daisy,
Your comment on my post about blackberries, where you mentioned mulberries, reminded me that I have a pretty weeping mulberry tree.
The berries are so sweet that we leave them for the birds. Cedar waxwings especially enjoy the berries.
I admire your sons for their hard work.

Naturegirl said...

Daisy it is a pleasure to meet you! Thank you for stopping by mine! Soon I'll post a Daisy! hugs NG