Monday, June 9, 2008

my poor, aching feet!

I've been looking for temporary work since my seasonal position ended for the summer. I got an email last week with an offer to work at the bookstore. The position requires you to stand, stoop, stock shelves, unload boxes, wait on customers, etc. "Can you lift 50 pounds?" they asked.

"Well, I think so. My grandson weighs over 30 pounds, and I lift and carry him okay."

We got all the details confirmed, and to make a long story short, I started working at the bookstore today on a temporary basis. I used to cashier a long time ago, but I forgot how hard it is to get used to standing all day.

My feet are KILLING me. They're screaming, "What did we do wrong?! We're sorry! Please stop!" I get an hour for lunch, and I'm sitting on my backside, giving them a break. I'm typing really fast, cuz I'm on a deadline here. Lunch is going fast.

The party went well yesterday, but other things are kicking in to make life stressful. My honey had to take D-boy and T-boy's momma in for a minor surgery this morning, which was going to be okay, but just before I went to bed last night, this ridiculously loud alarm started screeching in the back hall. I woke up my honey, and it was the alarm that warns you when your lift pump in the septic tank quits working. Oh, my gosh.

Everything just seems to pile on top of the mess before. Last week it was the appraisal of the roof damage, then the party...just one thing after another. It's just crazy. I need to just keep remembering: God is bigger than any problem I'll ever have. I just have to lean on Him. A lot.

But at least I'm back making money. Yippee!! A little something to tip the scales back the other way...once I get used to standing on my feet again. *groan*


Mrs. J said...

I also plan to work in a bookstore as soon as I can get work authorization but I'm also not sure about the standing all day part, yikes!

Mrs. D said...

I know you will have to get used to standing all day long but I think working in a bookstore sounds kind of fun!

daisymarie said...

Two words: Dr. Scholls!

Crazy Daisy said...

I'll add two more words to daisymarie's suggestion... foot massage!