Thursday, June 26, 2008

no reading tonight

Please, oh please, can I find a new job?

Today was okay because we actually had something to do, but if my feet had eyes, they'd be killing me with looks right now. Striking me dead.

I'm waiting for my ride home (the lovely Dee is picking me up), and I only have a half day tomorrow because of the summer hours. However, it will be just as busy at home, because we are watching Pearlie's babies, too. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It's fun to have them, but I always breathe a little *whew!* when we're done, because it wears a body out chasing those little ones.

So probably no reading tonight, either!! Who would have thought it could be so difficult to just read a book? Even when the kids were little, I got to read. I would take them all to the library, check out some books to take home, and sure as can be, they'd be quiet for hours, reading the new books. You know I didn't go home and clean the house, don't you? I was reading, too!

Speaking of cleaning, it is NOT my passion. It is not even on my list of like-to-do's. In fact, I think it is on my list of avoid-at-all-costs! I was using the little carpet sweeper at work today after we finished counting inventory, and one lady says to me, "You could be at home doing that, couldn't you?" Ummm...NO. I would not be doing that. I only clean house once a week. And I only clean more than the surface stuff when I can't stand it anymore. I call it efficiency, but honestly, it stems from just being lazy.

I had a girlfriend once who loved to clean. Loved it. She would move all her furniture every week, wash the windows, wash, iron and starch her know, take down all the glasses from the top shelves so she could wash them (both the dishes and the shelves)--you get the idea. I wonder if that could be considered a disease.

One day she was telling me how upset she was because one of the kids had walked on the living room carpet after she vacuumed. She could see the marks in the plush carpet! I couldn't believe it. I told her she had been in the house waaaay too long, and that she should get out more. She didn't seem very impressed with my advice.

Sorry in advance to all the cleanies who I know I just philosophy is that life is too short to spend it cleaning, especially if you're cleaning up after someone else! Now, that should tell you how messy my house will be if you come visit me the day before I clean. Consider yourself warned.


Becky K. said...

I am so with you on the cleaning thing...and my Mother-in-law who is of the other type you described moved in next door. Sigh...

When I want real clean...I visit her.

Someday....until plush carpet...just berber!

Becky K.

daisy said...

Oh, thank you! I thought I probably scared everybody off with that one. It's not very pc to admit you hate to clean. :) But hey. Why not be yourself? The cleanies have no problem doing so. Hee hee.

And yes. Berber all the way.

Anonymous said...

OH MY WORD, I think she is obsessive about cleaning. Thats crazy! At least in my mind. I love a clean house too, but I don't go that far. Plus when do you have that amount of time every week?


daisy said...

Hey, cleanie chica! I'm glad you're getting a little 'net time. Howz the baby?

daisymarie said...

No offense here. My icky meter has to exceed my hate to clean meter before it gets done at my house...since I'm the only person who seems to even have a clean meter.....I know that's not completely true, it's sure the way it feels.

daisy said...

Oh, daisymarie--that's a great way to put it. And I feel the same way sometimes. Honestly, sometimes I say I'm the smartest person ever, because I'm the only one here who seems to know when the trash bag needs to be changed, AND where to bring the full one.

Actually I think everyone here must have the INMP syndrome. (It's Not My Problem) Because if they wait long enough, Mom will do it.

Karol said...

hahahaha!!! It's hard to be home with kids and keep it clean, that's all there is to it!

Anonymous said...

Baby is doing great! He's so much fun now, smiling, talking and giggling. Oh I could just snuggle with him all day! He is 17.5 pounds now! Big boy!

Anonymous said...

That comment was by me, forgot my name. :) Faith