Tuesday, June 17, 2008

nose to the grindstone again

Well, I made it through one more day at work. I should say, my feet made it through. I had my doubts for a little while, there, but I made it. 52 days to go. Someone asked me today if I like working there. Ouch. What do I say? No, I hate it? I can't get the words to come out of my mouth.

I automatically look for something positive to say. Sugary little things trickling out in my voice, overflowing with sap and sweetness. "Well, I like the variety." When there is actually something to do. Or, "It's very interesting." Learning about how many ways a person can come up with to look busy."

All day long at work today, I was dreaming about canopies and poufy curtains. Ya gotta go check out this post at Melissa's blog. Is that not the most beautiful peaceful-looking bedroom EVER? I'm determined to get curtains sewn for the house this summer. If I break up the job into pieces, I can do it, even if I can't get it all done at once. Every night when I go to bed, I dream of making the bedroom a refuge. Peaceful, beautiful, uncluttered, and serene.

I found a big bolt of beautiful cream colored fabric with dusty blue and sage green roses kind of etched into the design--I have that in mind for my living room curtains. I have a lovely fabric in shades of green and tan that I want to use in our room, and a dandy piece in muted mulberry, golds and creams that I'll sew into a curtain for the girls' room. Right now we have vertical blinds in the bedrooms, but I really would prefer curtains all around.

I'm totally enthused. Even though I know it won't be perfect, I got inspired by this post over at the Nester. You know how we perfectionists get scared away from trying any experimental decorating techniques because it might not look just right? Well, the Nester encourages everyone to just do it anyway, and enjoy the beauty of it, even if it isn't perfect! It's like completely letting loose the little kid artist that is inside of me. Sca-ry!

And on a side note, my honey survived the day nicely, no thanks to E-girl, who SLEPT half the day away because she had to stay up half the night playing SIMS2 (which is now removed from my computer, by the way). To be fair, she did help him out for a little while, changing diapers, making some lunch, and putting X-man down for a nap.

But it sounds like he did the bulk of it in the morning when she was zonked out on the couch. He was still wide awake when he picked me up from work. Supper was already done, AND he was up for a trip to the grocery store at 9:30. Amazing. He is knocked out now, though. I got a few more things ticked off my list, and now I better get my little self in the shower and off to bed.

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Sarah Mae said...

I love your profile - it's beautiful.

I also really enjoyed Melissa's bedroom sanctuary, so much so that tomorrow's "31 Days of Cleaning" post is all about making our bedrooms sanctuaries (I'm even using Melissa's room as an example).