Sunday, June 22, 2008

weekend in fast forward

The weekend just flew by. I've got giveaways galore this week. Prayers were answered. I got lots of things done this weekend. We have back steps again. My honey got them put up, so now we can go out the back door. Yay for a productive weekend, and praises for a loving God who cares about every single thing that matters to us.

I talked to the boys on Thursday, I think it was, and they weren't too happy. There are four shifts of guys at the mine. Each shift works a different schedule...and it's a weird schedule, too. Theirs is something like four days on day shift, one day off, three days on night shift (they work 12-hour shifts), two days off, four days on, one day off, two days on, a day off, three days on, and then seven days off in a row. They switch back and forth between day shift and night shift throughout that time.

Well, Lewie and Robbie were both on the fourth shift, but Thursday, fifteen minutes before they were supposed to catch the bus home, the first shift supervisor told them they had to switch to first shift. So instead of having three days off in a row coming up, they had one day off and had to start working again. Boy were they in a tiff about that.

They had just started getting to know some of the guys, they had plans to go to a rodeo this weekend, and zip! Everything changes. I know they had been getting compliments on their work already...people were noticing that the shop was always clean, and that they were always looking for something they could do after the equipment was clean.

They were so disappointed to have to change. Plus, the first shift had a reputation for not working very hard. I was thinking that perhaps the boss wanted someone on his shift who would get some work done.

I prayed for those boys. I prayed that even in their disappointment, that they would be able to draw on God for some strength and comfort, and that they would direct their energy into doing a good job so they could move up more quickly to a different position. I prayed that God would help them deal with this disappointment and keep a positive attitude. This was all on Thursday.

On Friday, Lewis called. They had been switched back to fourth shift!! No explanation was reason at all. But they were so excited. So was I. I just said, "Thank you, God!" You know, even when your babies are in their twenties (or thirties), they are still your babies. The boys would disagree, but they're not parents yet.

My original plans for Saturday went sailing out the window. I wanted to stay home all day and knock things off my to-do list. I forgot that I told Luvvy that I'd come over and take more pictures of her jewelry for her Etsy shop. When she called me, I knew I couldn't put her off again. Last Saturday, she called to see what time I was coming, and I had forgotten all about it. So my honey and I went. (Yes, that is his ex. I know it's weird. But it's okay.)

We did that, and then we bought pizza from Papa John's. It was so good. Then Dee was finishing her laundry last night, when all of a sudden the washing machine started making a horrible noise. The agitator stopped working. We had to pull her towels out and squeeze them out one by one. The pump still pumped all the water out, thank goodness, but there must be something stuck somewhere. Maybe a bobby pin or something. My honey will have to look at it.

So today, I took our laundry to the laundromat. When that was done, I brought it home to dry it. We made our two week meal list, and I made a grocery list so we could go shopping. We had turkey burgers and corn on the cob on the grill tonight, and steamed asparagus--mmmmmm!

I even got some more stuff checked off my to-do list today. Oh, hooray! Tomorrow is the last day this week I can work on my to-do list until the weekend again. Tuesday I am supposed to go down to orientation at the U for Gee, which I neglected to register for. Grrr. IF I can find the paper she gave me, I'll check it out to see if I can still go. It'd be a good reason to take a day off. :D

I also have to read one of my books that I'm going to review. I've got three books that look extremely interesting...I'll give ya the scoop on them this week. In fact, I'll be giving them away, so if they sound good, be sure to leave a comment on the post to be entered in the giveaway. (Not this post. Ha! The posts about the books you like. The ones I haven't written yet.)

Clear as mud, right? Yeah. Welcome to my world.


Smellyann said...

Oh, that's great that your boys got shift back to fourth shift where they like it! Hope they get to stay there for a while.

Oh, man, I'm leaving tomorrow and am going to miss all the giveaway fun!!

Becoming Me said...

Wow. Busy weekend. I'm glad your boys got the schedule they desire