Monday, July 7, 2008

another day whips by unnoticed

I got nothing of significance accomplished, but my sister stopped to visit me today. She and her hubby have been traveling all over the place this summer, and she had lots of stories to tell about their trips. What fun!

I can, however, report slight progress on the closet. I have half a trash bag full, and I also have a cardboard tote full of stuff that can go out to the garage to be stored. Woo hoo!

However, I am still not finished. I had to do laundry, which meant going to the laundromat again, because the washing machine is making horribly painful noises when it tries to agitate or spin. *groan* We've only had that puppy about six years or so. It should last at least twice that long, don't you think? Well, it's not a Maytag, but still.

So I didn't even make dinner. I bought fried chicken. I was supposed to make pasty, and my children have let me know that they are disappointed in me because I slacked off on that. Well, maybe another day, the frazzled mother said.

I'll be lucky to get my laundry hung up on hangers before I go to bed. I don't put most of my clothes in the dryer because they keep getting shorter and wider. It gets a little breezy when that happens. Hey. Maybe hanging those up will be a good job for in the morning before I go to work. Yes?? I vote yes. And no one else will be polled. So, good night!

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Alicia said...

Hi Daisy!!

I am so sorry to hear about what happened in your closet, so much work for you!!! Sounds like you are making progress though!!

Thanks for congratulating me! That was so sweet of you, we are thrilled!!!