Saturday, July 19, 2008

more chicks are flying the coop!

This one happened in a flash! Johnny's been making noises for six months about moving out, but he kept talking about moving into a place with Frosty and Nicole. Well, this apartment came up quickly, and when he went to talk to the guy about it, all of a sudden it was a done deal. He'll probably be out by the end of next week, moving into his own apartment. It'll be good for him to live on his own. It gives a person a whole new appreciation for things.

Then Gee is going to live in the dorm this fall, and the place is going to seem so empty. What the heck! They're disappearing in droves. This year will be a year of lots of letting go.

You know, I think I had a life before I had kids, so why does it seem like there will be nothing to do when they're gone? I know, I'll be fine. I'll probably like it when I get used to it, but right now I just want to lay on the floor, kick my heels, pitch a fit and whine for a little bit.

It reminds me of a little verse my dad used to say:

As a rule,
Man is a fool
When it's hot
He wants it cool
When it's cool
He wants it hot
Always wanting
What is not.

Yes, Pops. I hear you. And Mom, when the kids were little and you were always telling me, "These are the golden years," I thought you had just lost your mind. Now I see what you mean. The years were still difficult, but I should have taken more time to slow down and just savor the moments with the kids when they were little.

The joy is in the journey, not in the destination. I'm trying to remember that now, today, in this moment.

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Smilingsal said...

When we dropped our first born, a daughter, off at college, I cried all the way home--an entire nine hour trip! Fortunately, I got back to my life and now can happily report "Hooray!"