Sunday, July 20, 2008


I really hate when I do that. I was looking through my "foodie" blogs on Bloglines to find some new recipes to try, and as is usual, I found another blog to add to my "everyday faves". But when I got sidetracked, again as usual, and decided to see what was new in my everyday faves, I accidentally cleared all the new posts. Arghhh! I hate when my haste gets in the way of my system.

Now I have to admit, there are times when I just click "mark all as read" because I get behind. But that's just like a quick swipe of the arm when you want to clear off the table. Yeah, right. I couldn't do it (the arm swipe, I mean) because of the aftermath. But it's still a good analogy. But I clear them on purpose. Not accidentally. Why is it so much worse when I didn't mean to do it?

On the bright side, though, I found a blog I'll be visiting again and again for recipes, The Pioneer Woman. Probably lots of you already know about it...there are 758 subscribers to her feed just through Bloglines. There's lots more to her site besides cooking. I think I could while away literally half my waking day today just reading there. Wowza.

But the recipe that I'm going to try is this one for apple dumplings. I have to try it, just for the fact that it has Mountain Dew in it. Erica just might even try some because of that.

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Faith said...

I love that site! So many good recipes I want to try too. Man, when does this woman have time to do all this stuff and blog about it all too. Wonder woman. What a neat site, love it! Thanks for sharing.