Sunday, July 6, 2008

quieting the clutter monster

It's so hard for me to focus on anything if my environment is chaotic. So now that the kids are mostly gone this weekend, why is it so hard for me to focus on cleaning up my messy trail from the last four weeks? As soon as I started back to work about a month ago, I quit putting things away, and they started stacking up again. It makes my brain feel like a Tilt-A-Whirl spinning out of control with no stop button in sight.

But ahh, there is some retail therapy in sight. My honey is sending me to the photo store to buy some more ink for our printer, and I'll make a couple of extra stops to pick up a couple more things for my closet.

I'm so close to having that stinkin' closet done that I can taste it. There is a small stack of boxes, trinkets, books, and miscellaneous flotsam and jetsam blocking my progress. They are the remaining "what do I do with them" things. I don't need them, but I have the stereotypical reaction to throwing them away...I might need them someday!

For heaven's sake, it took me two hours to convince myself that I could safely throw away a metal cookie tin, and that it had no potential "good" use for my scrapbooking/life art projects. FYI, if you do happen to think of a use for it, keep it to yourself at this point, because it is IN THE TRASH. It will be irretrievable after Wednesday morning. So help me hang tight!

It's like all these remaining miscellaneous things are the closet environmentalists, linking arms or box flaps, or whatever they have, to keep me from making progress. "No! Save the clutter!" Maybe the answer is to arrest them, and imprison them in a large tote that can be sorted outside by the trash can. They're holding my closet hostage and I don't like it!

And then to add insult to injury, there was a serious accident in my closet. The closet rod that I hung in one end of the closet that I was so pleased with? Yeah, well I heard this humongous wrenching sound, and the whole rod fell right onto the shoe basket below, clothes and all. The screws pulled right out of the wall! And before you ask, yes, I had them in actual wood beams. Or at least I tried to.

So now every time I look in there, I stall out. My brain goes in circles, and I don't know what to do with that. And now I'm a little afraid that the top two shelves are going to come crashing down. So I'm stuck. The hamster has fallen out of the wheel, and it is afraid to get back in.

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