Sunday, August 17, 2008

more goodies!

I received a box in the mail this week, with the most beautiful handmade beaded card and envelope inside. It was from Karen at The Art of Heart. You can see them below (the photos are hers). The paper is handmade, and so is the envelope. The envelope even has a darling velcro fastening. It's adorable.

Go on over and pay her a little visit, and check out her Etsy site, too. She is so talented. Her beadwork is exquisite, and her writing is beautifully expressive, as well. You can read more about her story on her blog. I was humbled and awed at the same time.

Her generous giveaway has given me so much pleasure. However, I'm not going to give the card away to anyone...I am going to keep it. I have a frame I can put it in so I can hang it up and enjoy it. Every day when I see it, I'll be reminded of one more friend I've made in Bloggityville.

I love the blogosphere. How would I ever have met Karen and been able to find out that she makes these gorgeous creations? How would I ever have gotten one in my hands? She lives in Oklahoma. I live in Minnesota. Do you ever think about things like that? It's easy to take it for granted, but really. It amazes me.


Norah said...

Daisy, I haven't stopped by for sooo long, it was good to catch up with you a bit by reading here. I see you're a fan of the Pioneer Woman - my daughter loves her, and has one of her calendars. Sorry to read that you've been sick - hope you are feeling better now?? I've been in MN 3 times this summer and thought of you, but no time to contact you for a cuppa coffee - will try next time okay? And do you have a new job? Take care and will be back soon!

daisymarie said...

I agree 100%! The connections made are quite sweet. In a little way it reminds me of the penpals I treasured as a little girl..only waaaaay better!

Smilingsal said...

I agree: it's too pretty to turn loose. Frame it and enjoy it!

karen said...

Ah ha! Caught ya again being a wonderful person! After you so kindly put me on the marquee for the earrings you purchased from my Etsy shop, I thought, I bet she did the same thing for the beaded cards in my giveaway! And I never thanked her! So, you did and I thank you! I visited my sister & brother-in-law last night, and we logged onto their computer so I could show them what a "super staaahhh" I am now. ...:p