Sunday, August 10, 2008

note to dog

  • do not think that when you wake me up so early to go outside that I will be as happy as you are to be out there.

  • do not think that we will stay out for a long time so you can smell every blade of grass before you take care of business.

  • we are out there for one thing and one thing only. well, two.

  • we will only walk in the middle of the yard where the trees block me from view. I just got out of bed, for crying out loud. do I look like I want to walk by the road or the neighbor's fence where people can see me? my hair looks like it belongs to the creature from the black lagoon and I know how scrunched up and crabby my face looks at that time of the morning.

  • if you don't go right away, we don't stay outside longer.

  • looking totally dejected when I take off your leash and collar when we get back inside does not give you an extra trip outside.

  • no extra points for puppy eyes. when I'm so tired I can't see, cute puppy faces don't count.


Smilingsal said...


I have a feeling that "if you don't go right away, we don't stay outside longer" could easily be changed into if you DO go right away, we don't stay outside longer.

Crazy Daisy said...


Love it! You blog always brings a smile to my face (and often caused me to roll on the floor laughing...)

Becky K. said...

Mine thought she should go out at 5:45 am the other we did.

Becky K.

Live.Love.Eat said...

ha ha. cute pic. I came by from Forever Daisies and Seven Clowns Circus before that & saw the Toby Mac CD cover. We LOVE Toby. Whoopsy Daisy, call me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

daisymarie said...

Cute puppy eyes may not count, but they can never hurt! And are always good for at least a grin!

faith said...

Love it!