Monday, September 22, 2008

the cha cha, and the foxtrot, and I almost missed it!

I'm so glad my kids know me so well. Gail called me tonight from school at about ten minutes to seven, and asked, "Mom? Where are you?"

"In the car," I said. "Going home."

"Are you going to be home in about ten minutes?"

"Ummm, yeah. Why?"

"Welllll, did you know that Dancing with the Stars is starting tonight at seven? It's the premiere show."

Oh, what a doll! I could've kissed her whole face, except she was about an hour away. Consider yourself smooched, babydoll.

I raced through the store willy nilly, picking up fried chicken, coleslaw, and sparkling black currant juice. I wouldn't even have to cook when I got home. Sheer joy. I love watching that show.

My favorite moment? Can I just say, Cloris Leachman? I may be showing the sheltered life I sometimes lead because I didn't even know who she was. I knew the name, but that was all. She was hilarious...flirting with Len and Bruno. Shameless hussy. LOL.

Jeff, the comedian? I doubt he'll last another day.

I didn't know Toni Braxton had heart disease. She did okay, but she seems more glamour girl than serious dancer. She's beautiful, but seems fragile.

Brooke, the volleyball chick? It was almost like she wanted to wrestle the dance right to the floor so she could master it.

Warren--the football player--he did fairly well, but I don't think he'll make it to the final two.

Cody--the youngest one who danced with Julianne--he was okay, but I don't think he'll make it to the finals, even though having her as a partner increases his chances quite a bit. He's got the energy, but I'm not sure about the depth yet. Give him a few years.

And speaking of Julianne, I think she and Edyta tied for the dancer with the tiniest costume. I always get a little nervous watching them dance. I'm afraid that something inappropriate is going to come flinging out at any moment, and I'm always more than slightly relieved when they finish the dance without any body part mishaps.

Who are they dressing for, I wonder? Maybe it's just a case of "If you've got it, flaunt it." I don't know. I just know that it makes me uncomfortable from a modesty point of view. Edyta always reminds me of a jungle cat on the prowl. Re-oowww-rrr!

Lacey Schwimmer is my favorite professional tonight. I like her edgy style. Is it too early to hope she wins it? Aaah, I'm not even going to vote this season.

I'm just going to try to enjoy watching without getting sucked into the drama of picking favorites and then having them kicked off. That happened with the sassy little Cheetah Girl dancer. What the heck was her name? Sabrina. She was my very favorite that season. And then she was gone! Heartbreaking.

So no phone calls on Tuesday or Wednesday nights before nine o'clock, people. You'll get the machine!


katemcdonald said...

I am glad you shared this since I didn't get to watch it myself.

Trust me, in the car last night it was ALL I COULD DO to not die laughing. I need to practice my serious face for Mondays with Miranda...whew!

karen said...

Daisy, you dancing fool you! So we will expect more great review following every show ... you've missed your calling, dear Daisy!

Smilingsal said...

Yep, we agree! I am addicted to this show and loved Cloris Leachman. Of course, I remember her from Mary Tyler Moore days.

I think the male comedian is gone.
I think the youngest guy is a bit too cocky and will lose votes because of it.

I thought Susan Lucci was a bit embarrassing.

I'm watching tonight and tomorrow night and forever more!

Laura said...

I love your header - so cute!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I really enjoyed the recap from DWTS!