Monday, September 8, 2008

a "clean the refrigerator" post

Did you ever have "clean the refrigerator" for dinner? I learned the "recipe" from my first mother-in-law. It's what she did when there were lots of leftovers and she didn't want to waste them...she put them all together somehow into a casserole, and served it up like it was a fresh meal.

And sometimes everyone would say, "That was delicious! We should have it again." Gramma would just giggle in the kitchen, because there was no guarantee of having that combination of leftovers all at the same time again. It was just serendipity.

Well, this is my clean the refrigerator post. I'm taking bits and pieces of happenings from the last week, and combining them all into one conglomerate post. It might be delicious, or it might just be a lengthy mess!

Last week was a short week at work, and the last thing I remember from Friday was thinking that it was going to be a peaceful weekend. It was not to be.

Saturday started out on a bright note, however. I got a package in the mail from Karen at the Art of Heart with the earrings I have been impatiently waiting for: the beautiful Sparklers in shades of blue.

Don't look at the fingerprint on the glass. The camera sees all. I must have left buttery toast prints on it without realizing it. Duh...

But that wasn't all. Karen surprised me with a bonus pair of earrings--what a charming, generous thing to do. The second pair looks like a couple of rolled up lemon Jolly Rancher candies strung on a wire, and hanging below those, the most darling daisy charms. They are so me! You sweetheart, you! And this in the middle of her own sad news...her precious pet Peanut is no more. Thanks for your thoughtfulness, Karen.

I wore them to work today, and one of my coworkers said they looked good enough to sample. She managed to resist, however. Aren't they absolutely darling??!

Dee said I should get a tattoo of a daisy--"right across the back of your neck," she says, cracking up laughing at herself. Ummm, let me think. NO. Although the daisies are a good tattoo idea. Just not on the back of my neck.

More from Saturday: Dee's work had a picnic for employees and their families, and she took Gail and Erica with her to help watch Mr. X while she helped set up the picnic. It should have been a great day all around. Games, food, and prizes galore.

The girls took little X-man down to the playground, and when they took him down the slide, Mr. X caught his shoe on the side of the slide again, and instantly started crying "Owie, owie!" If you've been reading my blog for a while, you remember when he did that the last time. He couldn't walk on it for a week or more.

This time was worse...yeah, he fractured his leg--not at the ankle, but farther up on the tibia, the bone that connects the knee and the ankle. Ai--ee!! Poor little guy. Poor Erica. She'll probably never take him down a slide again. Those doggone tennis shoes are so sticky on the slides.

But I'm pretty sure he has forgiven her already.

Momma Dee took him to the orthopedic surgeon today, and they put a permanent cast with a walking boot on him. He doesn't trust it--he hasn't put any weight on it as of yet, although Erica did get to sign his cast already.

He was CRAB-BY tonight! He was so overtired he was just beside himself. I tried holding him to give Dee a break, but he just kept sobbing, "Mama! Mama!" and reaching desperately for her. She gave him his antibiotic and his pain meds and he was asleep literally within a minute after she laid him down. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for him.

Pearly and the boys came over for a while tonight to visit ChiChi. Del passed up McDonald's because he wanted to come see "Cheet-Shi". And then he was having so much fun teasing Grandpa, calling him Meemaw (gramma) and Uncle John instead of Grandpa. He laughed so hard he fell down. What a doll. He is so smart.

And he has such a great imagination. You think not? How about when he came over wearing a new pair of Tigger underwear on his head because he was absolutely convinced that it was actually his new Spiderman mask! Seriously. LOL

He's using one leg hole to see out of. Don'tcha love the way his little puff of hair sticks up out of the other leg hole? So classic. Pearly says that this is going to be his yearbook baby picture when he is a senior in high school. She is a worrier, but she is doing great with this whole motherhood thing.

Our grandbabies are awesome. Runs in the family, I guess. *bashful grin*

Speaking of boys, I haven't heard from the Wyoming boys for a while...grrr! I miss them! They're just getting so independent, y'know. Yes I know the phone works both ways. I could call them, too, huh. Just let me whine a minute, willya?

Are you ready for this? We're expecting...another baby--a grandbaby. GRANDbaby, I said. For crying in the sink, didja think I was going to have another one? Hehe. That will make fourteen grandsweeties. Zowie!

And I finally took pictures of the acrylic album I've been working on...I'll put a few of them here. I'm having so much fun with it that I don't know if I want to finish it or not. At least not until I have another project lined up.

The picture right above here is the front cover...redesigned from the original project we did at Archiver's. I doubled the size of this album so I could fit the whole family in it. I think this will be a great album for my desk. It's fun to share with people. You can instantly tell who the scrapbooking people are.

Will has more kids, so I needed to add an envelope for extra pictures. I'm still waiting for one of the new baby to add in there. You know they moved their whole family, lock, stock and barrel out to Wyoming when the baby was less than a month old. In fact, I think he might have been all of two weeks old.

Oh, to be young again! More power to them. But the only thing is, is that's a long way to drive to take pictures of the little guy. It takes like ten hours to get out there, barring unforeseen blizzards or flat tires. I'll have to keep harassing them to send me one.

And skipping over all the unfinished pages, here is the back cover...still needing the perfect picture to finish it off.


Becky K. said...

You are busy, busy, busy.

Sorry to hear about the broken leg.
Poor sweet boy!

Love the album! So much!!!

Becky K.

Smilingsal said...

Daisy, I'm tired just reading about all of your doings!

karen said...

Daisy! You rascal! I just read your new post ... and there are the earrings I made. I am so glad you are enjoying them. I'll come back and comment on the rest of the post. Getting too sleepy ... it's been a long day. Love your album. -- karen