Friday, September 19, 2008

the days go rushing by!

In two more days, folks, it's gonna be fall. Officially autumn. Just the other day it was June. I'm not quite sure what happened!

I think the summer went just like my week went--by in a blur. It's the weekend again, and from the sounds of it, we are going to be busy as a bunch of bees. Well, bees don't come in a bunch, but I couldn't very well say busy as a bunch of grapes, could I?

Okay, Rob...I COULD say that, but it wouldn't make sense. Stop being technical. I can hear you, even if you're ten hours away. More even. That reminds me of the Charlie Brown comic where Linus drove Lucy crazy by saying he had a group of grapes. Now there's a fast flashback--thirty some years -- ha!

The Wyoming boys, two of them, drove down to Las Vegas to meet their dad and hang out for a couple of days. It's good for them to get out and adventure. Is that a verb? I just made it one.

There will be grandbabies galore here this weekend, and Mugs is here for the weekend, too. We gang up on my honey...not on purpose, but just without trying. LOL. He just picks on her, and she can't let it go without trying to retaliate, and then, of course, he must have the last word. It's stinkin' hilarious!

I'm trying to plan out a couple of things I want to get done. I bought some organizing stuff for my room and some scrapbook stuff.

I want to finish putting my clothes all away. I got a couple of very cute jackets that I can wear to work, to interviews, or to dress up. Fun fun.

I want to get my scrapbook stuff put together and get a couple more pages done on my acrylic album.

For the money I spent at Archivers, I got a mess of free prints from Shutterfly. One thing I want to do this weekend is upload and order those so I make sure that I get all the pictures I need for my book, and get updated pictures up on my bulletin board at work. I keep pictures of the kids and grandkids on my wall. I get to talk about my family then, when people ask questions about the pictures.

And the yuckiest thing I need to do is clean the nasty bathtub again. Our water has so much iron in it that the shower wall turns orange just a short time after I clean it. I have some excellent stuff to clean it's from Don Aslett's Clean Report website, called, oddly enough, Showers-N-Stuff. It is the greatest. I just wish the tub would stay clean longer.

If I can get all that done this weekend with all the moccotion, I mean commotion going on, I'll be a happy camper. Hey! There's another new word. I can use it when there is an extra special lot of commotion. It could be an event, like a party but on steroids. "We're having a moccotion. C'mon over!"

Oh. By the way, the banana pancakes last night were scrump-dilly-ish-uss. Thanks for the idea, Jessica, and DeeDee for telling me we should try them. We like pancakes anyway, but these would burst with a bite of juicy banana flavor when you ate them. It was just our regular pancake recipe, but at the end, I mashed some bananas coarsely, and mixed them in with the batter. Oh, my. It was like dessert for dinner.


Smilingsal said...

Sounds like your plans are made. Good luck on cleaning that bath tub. Oh, I don't envy you a bit.

daisymarie said...

I was just sitting here thinking about your shower dilema and I had this mind picture of a bathroom that's like a self-cleaning oven--you just pull a latch on the door and come back in a couple hours and voila! It's clean. I could pull a switch every other problem.