Tuesday, September 2, 2008

monday meal list, a day late

I tried to think of a "t" word for meals so I could pair it with Tuesday, but it's late and I'm tired. So we have a Monday Meal List on a Tuesday. We're trying to make some different meals lately. We're learning to cook smaller portions. Let me say we're slowly learning to cook smaller portions.

Some of them are the same-old, same-old, but some of them are new.

This is probably not the most interesting thing in the world to read, but you know what? Maybe it'll tempt the kids to come home and visit if they see a meal they like. Ha! (Or, it'll keep them away for sure!)

Wednesday: Chicken Tortellini with Prosciutto (Sounds good, doesn't it? Don't get too excited. It's a heat-and-eat from the dairy department. But pasta and I are great friends, no matter where it comes from.)

Thursday: Beef stew with homemade dumplings (My honey makes the best dumplings.)

Friday: Hot dogs and baked beans

Saturday: Crockpot Chow Mein (This one I can do. Super easy, super good.)

Sunday: Chicken and dumplings (Hmmm...one of us was hungry for dumplings)

Monday: Cheeseburgers on the grill

Tuesday: Grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches

Wednesday: Breaded chicken breast with gravy

Thursday: Chicken chili

Friday: Frozen pizza (This is the end of our two week meal period, and we always try to have something easy on Friday because we go grocery shopping that night. Well, in an ideal world we would go shopping that day. Sometimes it ends up being Saturday, Sunday, or God forbid, Monday or Tuesday. I hate those weeks.)

So nothing too fancy. More often than not, you'll find meals made from scratch. They're usually cheaper, and I think they taste better. But on the down side, that's part of why we eat so late. We don't get the meals started in time.

But even if we're having hotdogs or macaroni and cheese, if we have the meals planned out, it saves us from procrastination and indecision. *said with a straight face*

Huh. Who am I kidding?

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Smilingsal said...

How about Tuesday turkey or tuna?