Saturday, September 27, 2008

more thoughts on politics and faith

It bothers me when Christians try to influence our behavior on things such as who we vote for, our position on this issue or that, or which political party we should belong to. And they do this by trying to shed doubt on the faith of those who do not agree with them.

I've heard from bloggers who insist that since Palin is a strong conservative Christian, then all Christians should choose to vote for her. Voting otherwise would be wrong, they say. They ask, how could we, in all good conscience, pick Obama?

I think each of us has a responsibility to make the choice we believe is right, but I don't believe we should be bashing each other and pointing fingers at other Christians, doubting their faith if they disagree with us.

I subscribe to a daily email, Catch of the Day, and John Fischer said something so perfectly in the last one I received, that I had to mention it.

He was talking about the things that sometimes divide us as Christians, such as politics, and he said it's important that we don't try to agree on absolutely everything. We have different denominations, but one faith. We go to different churches, but we worship the same God.

Fischer said, "As Christians we do not have to agree on everything, in fact, it's better that we don't. If we agreed on everything then our unity might rest on what we agree on and not a relationship with a God and Father who is above agendas and platforms."

And he added, "This is a good thing to remember especially in an election year in America where the temptation is to rally all Christians around one political banner. Unity does not mean uniformity. As important as our vote is, the ultimate solution to the human dilemma will not come by way of an election."

I so totally agree. You cannot legislate morality, and you cannot hold those leaders up on a pedestal, either. They are human. They are not the Messiah, come to save us from evil. Obama's Christian faith will not keep him from making mistakes. Nor will Palin's keep her from doing so. You will not find a candidate who is perfect.

It gets to the point where I can't wait until the election is over, because listening to the news and the candidates is like listening to a bunch of crabby, overtired children, bickering at each other. If they were children, their moms would have made them go take a nap a LONG time ago!


daisymarie said...

Amen. This one made me giggle out loud as I had JUST laid Asher down for his nap.

Smellyann said...

Right there with you, Daisy!!

Smilingsal said...

I agree with you, Daisy. Further, I feel that candidates should not use the church as their platforms, especially on Sunday mornings.