Monday, September 29, 2008

old people are weird

So I had a pretty lazy weekend, up until last night. I was more productive the last five hours of the day than I had been the whole rest of the weekend. I made dinner, did the shopping for two weeks, came home and put the stuff away, got our weekly laundry done, made dinner for Monday and put it in the fridge ready to bake, did all the dishes from the weekend, and *whew* took a shower.

And then I had one of those stupid nights when I couldn't fall asleep. I think I'm getting old.

I was actually planning on going grocery shopping before we ate until I realized how late it was, so I fixed dinner first before I went. We usually eat dinner fairly late compared to most people, but ten pm is pushing it, I think.

I had my grocery list ready to go, so I whipped the meatballs, mashed potatoes & gravy together. My honey decided to go with me to the store, and away we went.

We're at the store, and I forget the refrigerated biscuits because I'm trying to hurry. My honey went back to get them. I'm still flying through the aisles, picking out the stuff on my list. There's this old couple on the aisle where I'm trying to get my pasta and canned tomatoes, and they're hanging out in the middle of the aisle.

You know how you usually kind of hang to one side if you're looking at something so people can get by you? Uh uh, not these two. So I'm trying to politely squeeze pst the lady, who is just standing there, staring around like she is lost or something. I pick out my favorite flavor of Ragu, turn around to put them in my cart, and she is right behind me. I brush up against her, and let out that little surprised, "Oh!"

"Whoops, sorry," I tell her, and move on. The old man has his cart blocking the aisle, and I'm trying to weasel my cart past his with that extra polite little smile on my know the one you get when that happens. "Excuse me," I say.

"Did you bump into her?" he demands. I thought he was messing with me.

I chuckled a little bit, and admitted that I had.

"Don't laugh!" He glares. "She's got a bad hip. You could have put her back in the hospital!"

Are you stinkin kidding me??

I didn't run into her on PURPOSE, you old fart. It wasn't like I walked past her and tried to hip check her into the boards. I barely brushed her.

This is when I most wish I could come up with those snappy comebacks. But no. I'm completely dumbfounded. I wish I could say that I chose not to say anything because even crabby old people need to see Jesus through me. Not true. If I could have thought of anything smart to say, I would have.

All I can stammer out is, "I didn't even see her behind me."

"Oh, no, it was my good side," the old lady says to him. And to me, "He just worries about me. He knows how much I've been through."

Oh! It just made me so mad. I could feel my face getting red, and then I wanted to cry.

It's probably a good thing my honey was back picking up the biscuits and didn't hear him, or we would have had a little confrontation. I know it. And then we could have been picking the old man up off the floor because my honey gets a little protective himself if someone makes momma cry.


faith said...

Most of the old people I run into are very pleasant and fun to chat with, you do have those few exceptions once in a while. Its so funny how so many of them will tell you all their physical ailments. I was at a rest stop last weekend feeding Nolan, and an elderly man sat across from me and he started chatting and he starts telling me about his surgeries he's having and his bum knee, etc. Its funny.

Smilingsal said...

Awwww, let me apologize for the old folks (of which I am one). I've had both knees replaced, so I understand the joint replacement-thing.

The lady was clearly out of line in getting into your space, but it sounds like she tried to calm her husband down. Poor thing, he's probably been pushed to his limits with taking care of her; it's a great stress builder, believe me. My husband's an angel, and he went through it for me.

So, even if you can't fully understand, try to forgive. I know it's hard. It's hard for me to understand some folks too, but you will probably be there one day.

Old folks are not all that bad.

daisy said...

It's funny you say that, faith. My hubby used to work for public housing, and he said if he was in a hurry, the last thing he would ever say to one of the seniors there was, "How are you doing today?" LOL.

Oh, I know, Sal, and once I calmed down, I started doing the understanding thing. I'm getting pretty close to being an oldie myself. Trust me, in the mornings, I'm already there.

I just thought he was quite rude, when he could have said it differently. Part of what keeps me from being able to smart off back to people is that I don't want to be rude. The "Be nice" that my mom drilled into me overrides the nasty things to say that I think of later. It's too bad his momma didn't teach him that. We could all be nice to each other and get along.

Gwendolyn said...

I would have been in tears myself. I do wonder why people hang out in the middle of grocery store isles, though. It's kind of hard NOT to bump into them. :o)

Norah said...

There are some dayssss... I just do not have patience for people getting in my way and being rude. I think it's just me, just me having a bad day or whatever. It's better I go home and wait for it to pass - cuz you never know what's going to come out on a bad day! lol You are a good person, you have a lot on your plate, you are busy and tired. Sometimes I think it's time for others to think of us, instead of us thinking about others, as we've been taught all our lives - BE NICE! It's all us 'nice' people who fall over w/heart attacks etc lolol

Hang in there Daisy, I hear ya. You take care, okay? I had sinus surgery last week and have been on the couch, on meds, since. Tomorrow I get the splints taken out and hopefully will feel better. But we need to take care of ourselves too, ya know? Life's too short.

Love ya,

daisy said...

Ah, thanks, Norah! I think I had the beginnings of PMS, too. I was so moody. I hope your sinuses heal up quickly.

Thanks for visiting! Maybe we can have coffee together IRL again sometime soon. :) Love ya too!

Norah said...

"for sure" she said, through her nose :-)

bensrib said...

Hi Daisy, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I agree about hanging in the middle of an aisle - duh! When my husband first went in the Navy we were in Jacksonville, FL. The first time I went to the commissary I thought it was so stupid that they had arrows on the floor indicating which way you could go down each aisle. Now I totally see the wisdom of it and wish civilian stores had the same thing!