Wednesday, September 24, 2008

too tired to tango

I watched most of Dancing With the Stars the last two nights, and I was pretty smug about my first guess about who was the first couple going home. Tonight's show--I had no clue. I think maybe Ted didn't connect with people. He was one dancer among many. You have to stand out in one way or another.

Cleopatra lady...the 82-year-old woman. Not Cleopatra...arghh. I can't think of her name and I'm too tired to look it up. Anyway. Her scores were low both days, but she stood out. She was very entertaining, and I think people must have voted a LOT for her. Wait, I got it. Cloris. Leachman.

But some of those people just blended into the crowd. Maybe my memory is getting old. I need a crutch to remember someone, if you get my drift. A hook. Something unique. Lacey is unique because of her style. The young kid stands out because I recognize Julianne Hough. I think the little girls are going to go crazy over him.

Maurice--oh my. He stood out last night. He was unbelievably light on his feet, and he did a mad, bad, mambo. I hope he stays around a while.

The judges were handing out compliments to Brooke the volleyball queen like they were candy. She has some things going for her. Her personality is appealing. She doesn't come across as cocky. She is athletic, graceful, and beautiful. If I were insecure, I'd dislike her just on principle. She dances with Derek Hough...I think she's going to be a serious contender to win this season.

Oh, that was creepy. There's a movie on in the other room - Lethal Weapon - and all of a sudden, in this crusty voice I hear, "You know they're going to kill her." Okay, I think it's time to turn that TV off. My honey went to bed and left his movie going.

He's a fan of the LW movies. He says he can relate to Mel Gibson's character. Does that scare you just a little? Ha! Not me. He's just a big teddy bear with a gruff voice. Oh, and just to warn you? If you call here, he may answer the phone, "Whaddya want!" Just shake it off.

It's time for me to go to bed, too. I'll be dancing in my dreams. I was dancing in my dreams last night, too. Only it was a nightmare. I couldn't do the routine and my shoes kept sticking to the floor when I tried to do the quickstep. Kind of like when you try to run from the monster in your dream but your legs are so heavy you can't pick them up. I wonder what THAT was all about!

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Smilingsal said...


Poor Ted; I like him.

I totally agree with you about Maurice being light on his feet. That is one BIG man, and can he dance! I would like to see him go all the way.

As for Cloris Leachman, I think she's overdoing it. She was funny the first night, but cursing at the judges is not what I want to hear/see. And, she cannot dance a lick!

The Olympic Gold medal volleyball lady is married to a Miami Marlin Baseball player, so we know all about her. She's a sweetie!

It's extra fun watching with you!