Friday, October 31, 2008

another great read

If you want a book that reaches out and grabs you right from the beginning, Along Came a Cowboy is for you!

I'm not always a fan of a story told in first person, but Christine Lynxwiler worked it out with this one. Rachel is such a complex character, which makes her as real as my best girlfriend. So real that I'm sure I know her from somewhere. You get to hear her thoughts, and y'know, she almost sounds just like I do inside my head sometimes.

Her story is the classic "I have a bad secret" scenario, and of course, she can't tell anyone. So the secret becomes the elephant in the living room, preventing her from moving forward into a relationship. She either has to walk away, or risk everything by telling the truth about the mistakes she made in the past. Big mistakes.

There are some interesting aspects to the story...Lark's infertility, the waitress Sheila's predicament, the whole story about Jenn's real mom, and of course, the snotty power-hungry Blair, whose yellow journalism gets way out of control. Blair is the one I love to hate in this story.

Rachel is a doctor, and her receptionist, Norma, is the woman I'd most love to sit next to at dinner. She has an opinion about everything, and they all make me laugh. Just listen to this:

My receptionist, Norma, sidles into my office like a spy in an old movie, softly shuts the door and turns to face me, her brown eyes wide. "Whoever warned mamas not to let their babies grow up to be cowboys," she whispers, "never saw the man in our waiting room!"

Is that not a great line?

Christine Lynxwiler hit a home run with this one. She addresses some delicate topics very tastefully in here. I'd give this to my girls to read without a qualm. It's a perfect book to read in a weekend, or to take to work with you and devour on your lunch hour.

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