Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I cheated

I finished watching DWTS online tonight (from the 1:30 in the morning show), and then I cheated. I looked online to see who got eliminated instead of waiting to watch the show tomorrow. We went to get an antenna for the TV since we canceled the cable, but we only got back in time for the debates.

Since Misty blew out her Achilles tendon, she and Maks were dropped, and that Rocco guy just got chewed out. I realized that I had actually confused Brooke and Misty the first time I watched them. Actually, in my mind, they were combined into one person. I've got it straight now, though. Cuz Brooke is still here, and Misty is gone, duh.

Misty is the one who I thought was trying to wrestle the dance into submission that first week. Did you see her biceps? That is one tough chica! I wouldn't mess with her. If I were the dance, I would just surrender. LOL

Brooke is the one the judges were swooning over the first night. They still love her, actually. She was so graceful this week...what a charmer.

Quit laughing, Gail. Hey, it was an honest mistake. They both have longish dark hair, and they're both brunettes, built close to the same...it makes sense. Just wait till you get old. You'll forget things, too. If I still remember then, I'll remind you I told you so.


Smilingsal said...

I always get dancers mixed up in the beginning of a new season. Misty is married to a Miami Marlin (baseball) player, so I knew who she was. I cheered as she won the gold medal in China.

I felt sorry for poor Rocco, standing there knowing that he was a "loser" yet having to come back next week--only to get eliminated (fer sure!).

Lesa said...

My heart broke for Misty! Cloris Leachman has been a hoot! I'm not really sure who I'm pulling for yet. I'm kind of hoping for Lacey and Lance.