Saturday, October 11, 2008

i hate goodbyes

Friday was a horrible day.

I've been applying for jobs all summer long, and finally got a job offer that I accepted Friday morning. I'm excited about it. It's going to be a challenge, but I'm pretty sure I'm up to it.

The horrible part? Telling my boss.

I don't deal with resignations well, at least my own. And I had to wait till the end of the day to tell her, because neither one of us had free time at the same time.

So every time I was sitting at my desk and I'd think of talking to her, I could feel the adrenaline kick in. My heart would start pounding, and a couple of times I could feel a cold sweat breaking out. I had to focus on slow breathing to slow my heart rate down. It was ridiculous. I was a nervous wreck.

And you know I didn't make it through talking to her without crying. I feel like such a wimp. And then, after all that, she already knew. Cuz they called her for a reference, which I had told them they could do if they were going to offer me the job.

I was trying to get the words out, and she says, calm as can be, "Are you leaving?" She congratulated me, and she was so gracious about it. She understood perfectly. She gave me a great reference, even though she knew it would mean I was leaving. What a great role model she's been for me.

If only I could do it via email...I could cry while I typed, and the other person would never know the difference.

How do you deal with quitting a job? Have you come up with a good way to give your notice?


Smilingsal said...

I cried when I told my principal that I'd be unable to return the following year to teach after I tore my Achilles Tendon for the THIRD time. Not quite the same thing because I was retiring, not just quitting.

Make sure you see my DWTS post today.

Crazy Daisy said...


Leena said...

Greetings from the eastern part of Finland!
It`s Sunday morning and I can you believe - I saw the sun shining during one hour, but now it`s again playing a "seek me and wait for me" play! Perhaps we have to wait for next March before we can enjoy skiing on the frozen lakes in the sunshine. And it`s worth it.

I wish, you will enjoy your new job!

katemcdonald said...

congrats on the new job!

katemcdonald said...

sure it is a funny visual to you since you aren't trying to sleep:) ha!
my mom says being a grandma is the next best thing to heaven..for the same reasons:)

Faith said...

Good luck on your new job!

daisymarie said...

I'm not good at resigning either. I always get tearful--if it's a job I care about, which I usually do. And you're not bad for your tearfulness, you're tender-hearted...that's a way good thing in my book!