Tuesday, October 14, 2008

on my mind

I wanted to write about Dancing With the Stars, but I came across this on my lunch hour and it resonated with my thoughts. I wanted to share it and just ask the question, what if. It's a video, but I'm tacking it onto my Tuesday post instead of my wacky web Wednesday post, because it's not wacky. It's timely. I could call it a Timely Tuesday Tidbit. Short, punchy...I'll say no more.


A life of Assorted Nuts said...

It might not be a quick fix, but it sure will get us out from under other countries beck and call.

Drill baby Drill.

jennys mama said...

And apparently there is no other solution? Nothing else that we could do that wouldn't continue to damage our environment? Wow. Open your mind to the possibilities, nuts.

Faith said...

What about banning the plastic bags? Supposedly China has saved tons of money when they banned the bags because the bags need oil in order to be made. Not that it would solve the whole problem, but its one area to save money. I think just being more environmentally conscious would help by changing some of the way we do things.

daisy said...

I agree. I also wonder if banning the sale of individual water bottles would decrease the amount of oil we use. Do you think it would fly?

It's a huge problem, this oil addiction. Why not approach it from as many directions as possible?