Tuesday, October 14, 2008

so hard to say goodbye

It's only Tuesday, and I'm up to here with saying goodbye. I swear I'm ready to run off to a nice little cabin in the woods and cut my losses until it's time to go.

Think breaking up with your boyfriend. A boyfriend you really like. Then do it over and over for two whole days, and know that you have to do it for the next week or so. It could be a new movie: 50 Last Dates.



karen said...

50 last dates ... I love that! Yes, that perfectly describes surviving the last days of your notice. The weekend is hours away ... enjoy it to the fullest, dear Daisy!

katemcdonald said...

aww...thinking of you,friend

Merrie said...

Oh man, do I know your pain! Being in the ministry, we sometimes know 6 months before we move and then the congregation knows 3 or 4 months and it is that long of a good bye... I call it "death by farewell"!

How exciting to have a new job with new experiences and challenges and friends. It is nice that you are well loved and thought of where you are... hope you only had a one week "goodbye" and didn't have to have two!

Faith said...

Have you started your new job yet? How's things going? Thinking about you and wishing you well!