Wednesday, November 26, 2008

and a frenzy was had by all...

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

It's been a whirl of cutting, slicing, dicing, baking, cooking, and cleaning up this evening. I had to wait till evening because I had to work today--no sick days to take off cuz I was gone with strep throat last week. Two whole days I used up feeling lousy.

But tonight, everyone was helping. Pearlie made a bunch of wrapped pickles. I was lucky and got to eat one of them whole. Oh! It was delicious. So delicious. Do I dare tell you she was going to throw it away because the cat licked it?

Hee hee! I can hear ya now...ewwww! Mmm hmm. Prolly too much information for Turkey Day. No, I don't think he really licked it. He thought about it, though. Really. So why was she going to throw it away? Don't pursue that line of questioning very far. I'm still hungry. I could take an arm off or two.

But then she made Snicker salad, too. With apples, and cream cheese, and cool whip. Have you had that?? Oh, boy.

DeeDee is making pretzel jello and Great Gramma's potato buns. "We're having dead gramma's buns?" the kids ask. "Oh, yay!" Invariably someone will make the comment, something about being well-preserved, or something more graphic. Sickos. We're just batting a thousand, here, aren't we? I'll bet your appetite is shriveling now. Hey. I'm just helping you out with a little portion control.

That's our family--crazy. Crazy about the buns, that is. They are like little feather pillows, they're so light, as long as you make them right. Every year I hold my breath until I know if they are going to turn out. If they don't, I blame them on gramma. The dough is out on the deck raising as we speak. It's refrigerator dough. Gotta be up in about four hours to punch it down and shape the buns. *big wide yawn*

Cindy is making green bean casserole and mac and cheese. John is coming up to our house tomorrow morning to make smoked turkey wings and greens. PaPa is making the turkey lurkey, the ham bam and the to-die-for dressing.

I'm making sweet potatoes. I'm debating between making Ina Garten's version with orange juice and a little cream and sugar, or making the standard with a prince's portion of marshmallows embedded in it. I'll let you know. The thing is, if I make the ones I want, with orange juice, no one else will probably eat them, but they'll eat the marshmallow ones like crazy. :(

We're attempting another pumpkin cheesecake. Oh, and PaPa is getting up early to make a couple of pies, too. Pecan and pumpkin. What a sweetie.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but whattya expect? It's only one in the morning. I surrender. I'm going to bed, after I hug DeeDee and kiss her whole face for doing the dishes. Mmmmmm...*huge sigh of satisfaction*

What's your favorite dish at Thanksgiving? Is it a long-held tradition, or a standard favorite?

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Becky K. said...

Glad you seem to be feeling better after the strep...

What a funny post. I love it.

You really could be my neighbor...we would get along so well. Our families share a strange sense of humor.

I love my mother-in-law's dressing/stuffing. Whatever you call it. Yummy!

I want to know what I have missed all these years by not having mac and cheese. Everyone lately seems to be talking about mac and cheese in their Thanksgiving meals...hmmmm...