Friday, November 21, 2008

and now it's Friday...

...and my productive weekend I had planned may be shot full of holes--I have strep throat. I'm laying around, thinking about what I want to get done and having no energy whatsoever to do it.

Mama Dee took little man in last night to see if he had it, too. Happily for him, he didn't.

I felt so bad for him yesterday. He woke up from his nap, and you know how when you have a cold or whatever and your throat is full of yucky gunk when you wake up? Well, that was ChiChi, crying and coughing, and he couldn't figure out what he needed to do to get rid of it. Poor little guy.

I took yesterday off work because I felt like a truck had hit me, knocked me down, backed up and ran over me again. I told my honey that, and he says, "Welcome to the avenue."

I looked at him--What??

"I live on that street," he said. "Happens to me every day."

He is so funny.


karen said...

oh rats! sorry you are sick right before the holidays. everyone at my office is sick and I'm running around with bleach, determined to not make friends with the dreaded bug going around. rest up. (you wanna know my secret? can't believe I'm sharing this on a comment -- I swab my nose with a Q-tip & vitamin E. just a little. it keeps my nose from drying out, and I hardly ever get sick in the winter.) I also clean germ hot zones (keys, cell phones, door knobs/handles of any kind, keyboards, steering wheel, toilet flusher handle thingie, light switches, etc.) with bleach once or twice during the winter. I'm not a fanatic, but it sure seems to help. Wipe down your credit cards, too - oh my. Think of how many times a clerk handles your card who's handled dirty money all day. Money is loaded with g-e-r-m-s. Ok, now that I have made you neurotic - my work here is done ... :p

Smellyann said...

Sorry you're sick! I hope you feel better soon.