Tuesday, November 25, 2008

don't call--the phone's off the hook!

It's the final night for Dancing With the Stars!

It sure seemed like Brooke had it all wrapped up in the bag last night, if you listened to the judges. I'm sticking with my favorite from the beginning of the season: Lance and Lacey, or Lancey, as their shirts said last night. Warren and Kym are my second choice.

I know that Brooke has been the most consistent with her dancing, and she is very good, but I usually find myself rooting for the underdog. We'll see what happens.

Oh! For the kids' dance, I really wanted Mitchell and Maria to win, and that other snappy little couple won. Well, not really a couple. The brother-sister team. They are funny together before and after the dance, but during the dance? They are SO focused. I guess they're pretty good, too, but Mitchell had that cute little grin--do you know what I mean?

Okay...have to make dinner quickly so that I can just sit and enjoy when DWTS comes on. Dah ta daaaaaah!!

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