Sunday, November 9, 2008

is it crazy?

The rest of the day yesterday went so much better.

After my haircut, I ran to Archiver's and cashed in my free coupon for a cute little "wristlet" pouch with a pocket on the front for a picture. I did one of their free make-and-takes there. They were showcasing, if you will, all kinds of Christmas ideas. Kinda fun.

Then I moseyed over to Barnes & Noble, got a vanilla latte, found a scrapbook idea book and sat down to read for an hour or so.

By this time, I was feeling a little giddy--I NEVER do this. I can't remember the last time I had unscheduled "me" time.

How is it that I can take care of everyone else, but taking a little time for myself feels so odd?!

I stopped at the butcher shop on the way home and bought some meat that we're going to need the next couple of weeks, and I headed home. I found a short cut home (after a couple of wrong turns down a scary dirt road--scary because I thought I was going to go in the ditch or get stuck in the mud). I'm not a dirt road girl anymore! I know, what a wimp, huh? Pretty much. Maybe if I had a nice four wheel drive truck.

I went to Dal's birthday party, stopped at my honey's ex's house on the way home to take some pictures of her puppies (no, we're not plotting against you, dear), then came home and went to bed.

Yesterday filled up my bucket. Simple little pleasures, a little leisure time, it's amazing what that can do.

Now I'm cleaning up the kitchen and with some Laura Story in the background, I'm feeling pretty content. I've had a sweet morning with my little ChiChi boy--we had some oatmeal and then he took a bath. He smells good enough to nibble on!

I have some nice things to look forward to here...two more days off to get the house into shape, the Rockettes tonight with DeeDee and Pearlie, and some fun scrapbooking coming up next weekend. I'm easily pleased.


Crazy Daisy said...

OOH! A day to yourself! I remember those days! hehe! I completely understand enjoying the wanting to do things for yourself! Sounds like you have some fun things coming up too!

daisymarie said...

This kind of day sounds magical. I don't get days like that anymore...I savor hours and moments and hope that life might change...

karen said...

I keep reading this post wondering, how does that happen? Is this real? Is Daisy making this up for the sake of a good read? Leisure time? No schedule? I. can't. compute. S. O. S. Other down. Other down. ... ker-thump. plop ... crash. ouch

daisy said...

LOL. That's kind of the way I felt, too! I had to keep pinching myself.

Gail said...

YES it is crazy. another crazy new posts in almost a week. how am i supposed to stay up to date on all the dirt??