Tuesday, November 25, 2008

movies, movies, movies

I've heard quite a bit from people who are planning to see the movie Fireproof. I wanna hear from people who have already seen it. What do you think? Although I really don't want to hear about the whole movie cuz I haven't seen it yet...I want your reaction. I'm trying to decide if my honey and I should go see that this weekend. We go to the movies so seldom that I want every one we see to be a hoopla hands-down awesome movie.

Last time we went out, we saw Hancock. I thought it was pretty hysterical, mostly because it reminded me so much of someone I know, AND because he really did have a good heart, even if it was covered with a bit of a rough exterior.

Before that, I think we saw Sweetland. Is that the name? Sweet Land? About a German war bride who came to America during WWII? Oooh, she had a rough time of it. She was ostracized, threatened, completely cut out of the community at times. Even the church. It reminded me of how we have treated the Muslim population after 9/11. I would totally recommend it. It starts off a little slow, but you get drawn in without even realizing it.

Wow. That's been a while. We DON'T go very often, do we? We're cheapskates, not expensive dates.

Anyway, how about that Fireproof? I've heard the acting's a little shaky but the plot makes up for it. So? What if I don't want to go to it to get relationship therapy? What if I just want to see a good movie? Thumbs up or down?

Aw, one other one I want to see, but I'll have to rent it or buy it: Horton Hears a Who. Comments?

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Faith said...

My husband and I went to see Fireproof and it was awesome! Yah the acting isn't Hollywood acting, but they did a pretty good job for amateurs. Whether your just married or have been married for years I'd highly recommend it. It just puts it into perspective what love really means, putting your spouses needs before your own. We really enjoyed it and plan on buying the DVD when it comes out. I think they could have addressed the wifes problems a little more and not just focused on the mans problems, but other than that it was great! Bring tissues!