Sunday, November 30, 2008

my to-do list

Today's to-do list is much like any other day's.

~Finish the dishes - I have to write it down to make it an official thing. If I don't, they will slide right under the radar. I like to check things off my list more than I hate to do dishes.

~Pick up the living room. The floor looks like we had an explosion of dinosaurs. Little man is obsessed with them. And there are more things in the living room than there are places to keep them.

~Sit on the bed and stare at the mess in the closet to see if any brainstorms roll in. There are things sitting there that I want to keep, but I don't have room to put them in the bedroom. There's a whole box of books. At the rate I'm going, maybe I should find a tote in the garage to store them in. They're piling up faster than I have time to read them. Or maybe I should just give them to the free shelf at the library. Someone else can take them home and figure out where to stack them.

I'm seeing a theme here. It could be one of two things. Too little storage, or too much stuff. Or both. I think it makes Dee itchy to start tossing things out. Of course, then, that would open the door for me to do the same for her. "You don't need this. It just sits here." Hey. We could help each other clean. The stuff that I kind of want but don't know where to put? She could toss it! There's no emotional attachment there, so it'd be easy for her to just cart it out the door to the Goodwill.

~Bake some of Karen's Dragon Snap Cookies. I think I'll pass on the whole rest of the list and skip straight to this one. Yes!! It's a perfect day for it. And then Gee can take some to her dorm with her when she goes back today. Comfort food from home. And she'll eat one, and smile and think of her lovely mother slaving away to make her nice things...okay, maybe that's just a little daydream. She'll roll her eyes when she gets back to school and reads this, I'm sure, but she'll love them anyway.

**I took a little break from blogging, and I have some fresh cookies to savor while I do dishes. Oh, the zip and zing of ginger! And rolling them in cinnamon sugar instead of just plain old white sugar is the perfect finishing touch. And then, the slight afterbite of cayenne. Oh, yes! The best molasses ginger cookie EVER. Karen, you are a genius!


karen said...

I was so afraid to post that recipe because it's not from some fancy test kitchen or a magazine -- and all recipes need time "to perfect" if you know what I mean. However, Jordan would hoard them in his coat pockets and ASK me to bake more. So, I felt pretty sure I had a winner on my hands. So so glad you enjoy those zing-y little crumpets. xo

daisymarie said...

Momma always used to say, "A place for everything and everything in its place." I ran out of places a long time ago...

cpullum said...

This is too funny! This is how my day seems to go everyday. I even type my list up and only to the last thing on the list. Yes I skip over things too!!
Have a great tuesday!