Monday, November 24, 2008

a random giveaway

**It's gone to Carla--keep your eyes peeled for more giveaways as I keep cleaning. **

I was cleaning on Saturday...(yes, cleaning won out over sleep--can you believe it?) ...anyway, I came across a CD that I don't listen to anymore, so I'm giving it away.

If you're a Charlotte Church fan, this one's for you! It's her Voice of an Angel CD, recorded when she was the tender age of twelve, I think? It's pretty amazing.

Listening to it, I can imagine myself sitting in a cathedral with this washing over me.

If you like, you could play it in the car when you go Christmas shopping, or if you shop online, you can slip it into the computer.

But if you'd like this, it's yours. Leave a comment and a way to reach you and I'll send it off.


cpullum said...

Please count me in!!
I would love to share this with my family!


Faith said...

She's lovely, but let cpullum have it. I was just curious why people put, for example, cpullum(at)yahoo(dot)com and not just

daisy said...

I think it's because spammers create these programs that go out on the internet and "harvest" email addresses in standard format, so using [at] instead of @ is supposed to circumvent that. Then they have (hopefully) live email addresses to which they can send their stupid spam emails.

I've actually seen searches in sitemeter looking for the terms and etc. that have somehow landed at my blog.

daisy said...

Hel-lo Carla! It's yours! Maybe I didn't say it very clearly. I planned to give it to the first person who commented who wanted it. Send me your address and I'll send it off!

I like the CD, but I listen to it so seldom that it would be better off with a family who could spend time with it. Yes, I'm being a dork. LOL.

So, c'mon already. I can't wait for you to enjoy it!