Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday catch up

Well! It's Sunday again, and I feel like the week whizzed by and nothing happened inbetween. Although I'm sure that many things did. I was just oblivious. Here is my random list of things from the last week.

~ The new job is taking some time to get used to. I still feel a little disoriented. You know how when you are used to a job, and you know what to expect and what to do, you just don't have to think about it too hard to remember if you're doing everything you should.

I still get that little burst of panic when I think I'm forgetting something that I was supposed to do. It's not automatic yet. I still have to write everything down, and check and double check my lists. I hate being new. Of course, you usually get cut a little slack, and people don't expect you to know everything.

I forgot my password for one application I use, and someone asked me for a printout of something I need to get from there--I was in the process of trying to figure out the password, and she came back three times in fifteen minutes to see if I had it yet. Talk about being under the gun.

~ I have to remind myself once again not to get too attached to the kids' "others," as in significant others. One of the girls broke up with her boyfriend, and doggone it, I LIKED him! But I think her reasons make sense, so what can I say? She has to be in it for the right reasons, and "my mom likes him" is not the right reason. I still like him.

It wasn't a bad situation or anything, and I'm pretty sure they're on good terms, but even so. It still makes it a little awkward. But life goes on.

~ Last week I stayed home Monday and Tuesday to watch my little ChiChi bear while Grampa was off to catch Bambi with the boys. I'm sorry to tell you that it was not a successful season, at least not for the one they got. I had to go into the garage for something, and totally forgot that it was hanging up out there waiting to be butchered, and oh! I was startled to see it there. I wanted to throw up in my mouth. Yuk.

~ Wednesday, Thursday and Friday whizzed by. Friday evening I went to Scrap Mania and worked on my book a little. Saturday morning I went off to Luvvy's and worked on my scrapbook. I got there around noon, and I worked on my scrapbook until probably around 1:30 in the morning. I packed up all my stuff and came home. Today was short because I slept in.

~ I've been working on the acrylic album. It'll be cool to keep on my desk, or carry around with me to whip out when people ask about family. It's getting pretty thick, though, between having to add extra pages and such.

I've had to be creative about adding pictures. There are a limited number of pages, so when I've had extra pictures to squeeze in, I've used envelopes, and just hole-punched them so they can be inserted into the appropriate place in the book. I attach the extra pictures with ribbons, so they can slide out and back in without falling on the floor. I think it turned out pretty well.

There are a few more things to add, but I'm almost done with it. Then I'll start my next book, which will be about our Colorado trip from two years ago. Hopefully I can find my journal from the trip. Too bad it wasn't last year. I probably would have blogged about it and I could use those notes for my journaling.

~ I've been trying to think of a good way to scrapbook the pictures I have, because I originally wanted to start a book for each one of the kids. But then how do you scrap the things they do together without each book ending up being a duplicate of the other? And most of the kids are older, and I don't have day-to-day stuff to scrap about. Like the Wyoming boys. I get one or two pictures every other month. If I'm lucky.

I think maybe I'll start the books for the kids, but I don't want them all the same. I want to make a unique one for each, and then they can read each others. I don't know if the boys would want one anyway. I don't think they're as sentimental about things as I am. I tried to give Lewie his things I saved from school when he was moving out, but he didn't want them. He said something about those being for me, not for him. Will he change his mind someday? I don't know. Do I hang on to them in case he changes his mind? Probably.

Too much thinking about it hurts my brain. I'm going to stop thinking about it all, and just get ready for bed. I'll see if I can get ready and be in bed before midnight tonight. Don't bet on it. But I only have to brush my teeth, put my jammies on, put Friends in, set the sleep timer, take my vitamins, and leap into bed. The doors are locked, the cats are fed, the dinner is put away, the dishes are done, the checkbook is balanced, the scrapping things are put away...I'm so efficient today, I scare myself.


Crazy Daisy said...

hey, nice to hear about all the goings on! I have to admist, I'm a little jealous of your scrapbooking. My stuff is all packed away in a box :(

karen said...

I win! I'm the grand night owl this time ... 1:45 a.m. CST. I just finished the bills, and a mountain of paperwork that seriously scared me. Don't ask ... you don't want to know. Daisy, we checked the P.O. box. You are a tremendous blessing. Once again, your words could not be more perfect or timely. I'll send a better thank you soon. Have a lovely week. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Jordan read the hope note out loud to me. He loved it. Absolutely loved it. (We so so so needed every word! xo K & J)

Becky K. said...

I have that same dilemma about the shared photos and the kids.

I would love to hear how you actually work it out.

Have a wonderful day.

Becky K.

Kristi said...

Wow, you've had a lot going on. that's interesting about the kids' significant others. I can't imagine that we'll have to deal with those things in a few short years.