Wednesday, November 19, 2008

welcome to hump day

It's Wednesday, and it's hump day. One of the women at my work always greets me on Wednesdays by saying, "Welcome to hump day!" Every other day, she says, "Welcome to work!" She's so funny. It's really kind of nice. With the job I have now, I can do most of my work on the computer and I don't necessarily have to conversate with people unless I have a question. Or if they are giving me something to do.

But this woman is chatty and cheerful, and she pulls me out of my introvert shell. With my last job, I had to talk to people all day every day. Now, it's still a novelty that I don't have to do that. It makes the job seem easier, somehow. Is that strange?

I think introverts get a bad rap. The stereotype is that they are the non-social geeky types. Well, that could be, but I have a very vivid inner life. Of course, sometimes it spills out into my real life, and that's when my kids start to give each other funny looks and say things like, "It's okay, Mom. It's gonna be all right."

I mean, I always have a tune playing in my head. It's my mini jukebox. Even if it has no words, the beat and the melody are there. I like music. Nothing wrong with that.

I make a great listener. The only problem I have is when I get together with another introvert. It can get pret.ty. quiet. Or a little awkward, especially when we both know we're just trying to make small talk.

But anyway, I guess I'm just trying to say that I think my job is a great fit for me. How about that for good news?


Faith said...

Glad the job is going well! I can tend to be on the quieter side as well. I've gotten better as the years go by however.

bethn said...

I wonder if it's an introvert thing, but I always have music in my head too. It's still hard for me to go to social events and I'm always exhausted by the end. In my job my office is off by itself so I can work in my own little world. I'm glad your job is going so well and fits your personality.