Thursday, December 25, 2008

the house is so quiet...

...I can hear the cat pee! What a far cry from yesterday at this time.

Yesterday the house was full of noise and little running feet. T-boy let out some mighty screams when he opened his Star Wars Lightsaber. He was dancing up and down, and his curls were bouncing so hard I thought he might put his momma's eye out with one of them. He has the most adorable hair.

And D-boy got a Nerf gun. It's a good thing for the cats that we didn't load it up right then and there. Saving it for home was a better idea.

Cindy (D-boy and T-boy's mom) was thrilled with a wok--she's a regular little domestic diva. She cooks up a storm.

Pearlie tried to take a picture of herself and some of the kids, and she ended up only getting her own head in the picture. We laughed so hard.

John and Jessica were cuddled up on the couch--so cute.

Frosty and Nichole had to make an emergency detour to the doc to check out Dominick's rash...but it wasn't chickenpox. Just an allergic reaction to something. So although they were a little late, they still made it.

Dee was happy with the books she got, and Little ChiChi boy was completely enthralled with the dinosaur book Gee gave him--it's almost as big as he is.

It was the funniest thing. Momma Dee went to bed when she finally couldn't take any more fun, and she took him to bed at the same time. About twenty minutes later, here he came out of the bedroom. He was holding his little finger up to his lips and shushing us, "Sssssssss. Mommy." He totally sneaked out on her after she fell asleep.

He had to go back into the room, though, and here he came staggering back out, carrying the humongous dino book. He paged through it for about a half hour! "'Ma! Dinosaur!" Five seconds later, "'Ma! Dinosaur!"

Erica was pleased with the huge Get Fuzzy book from "Juan and Morticia" (oh, I mean Jon and Melissa--who missed the second holiday in a row, I might add), and she was ready to go out in the snow right then and there with her orange snow goggles and mitts.

Gee got some of her favorite music, and Casey was pleased he had another pair of sweatpants to wear to school.

"Papa" and I got spoiled by the kids this year, as always. Gift cards for Barnes & Noble were the theme of the evening, and I'm looking forward to finding a nice book about cardmaking or scrapbooking...maybe even a cookbook.

I wonder if I can find one with recipes that take no time at all, and taste like a million bucks. And don't cost much to make. I don't want much. I just hate to cook.

And tonight, I'm thinking about the boys out in Wyoming, and hoping that their Christmas was okay. I miss them so much right now.

Gee brought her webcam home from the dorm, and I got to see Lewie online. I had to laugh or I would have cried. My eyes have been so lonesome for their faces.

So, how was your Christmas?

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Becky K. said...

IT sounds like a great time. I can't imagine how much you must miss the guys so far away, though. I haven't had to cross that bridge yet.

Enjoy the quiet...I am sure it will be crazy again soon.