Saturday, December 13, 2008

off to a GREAT start

The weekend is in full swing already--I'm loving it!

Last night I rearranged the things in my room, and everything fit where I had imagined it. This will work. It's not the prettiest, but it's fine.

My sister-in-law Marguerite came over for the weekend so we could hang out and make fruitcake. She is so fun to have over. She brings Odie, her little dachshund, and he gets Augie Doggie all livened up. They chase each other through the house, and then they always do this little stiff-legged dance around each other, nose to tail. And then, like they have a secret signal, they're both off and racing around again.

And then, Mugs (that's her nickname) and my honey will tease the daylights out of each other, just like they did when they were kids. Only it's so much funnier now.

So we have to make a quick trip to the store this morning and buy our ingredients, and another stop to buy some yarn. I'm going to give crocheting a try again. I want to try to make some hats. Barb over at A Chelsea Morning had a super easy-looking hat pattern on her blog a little while back that I saved, and Mugs knows how to crochet. So I can ask her if I get stumped.

Speaking of Barb, I WON something from her blog! Have you visited her yet? I'm always hopping over there to get ideas for crafty things, and to get new recipes to try for our crew here. Her broccoli beef stir fry is a universal favorite over here.

But I got an email from her this morning telling me I won the Debbie Macomber Cedar Cove Christmas book!! You have no idea how tickled I am! Thank you, Barb!

I'm off to head out into my weekend, but I'll check in later and let you know how all the projects went!

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Karen said...

Congratulations on winning the book! I may have to go out and buy a copy, I've loved all of her Cedar Cove books.