Sunday, December 7, 2008

a snowy mess!

Well, we're finally into winter for real. It's snowy today, and there are a few inches on the ground. I actually had to shovel the sidewalk. It's been cold for a while, now, but this is the first real snow to speak of.

We were driving back from church today, and there were cars sliding into the ditch everywhere! So we're driving slow, and there's people getting all up on our back bumper. What do they think? That they'll just magically glide over the icy spots at their sixty miles an hour?

Dee said a truck went crashing right into the guardrail right next to her when he tried to pass her too quickly. It's like every winter, everyone has to re-learn how to drive in the snow. Everyone doesn't have as old a brain as I'd think they would remember for more than just one season.

Just watch this. LOL. I want to know what is with the people with their doors open, for crying out loud.


bethn said...

OH my! That looks familiar. Here in WI we've had several big snow falls with more on the way. I agree that everybody seems to forget how to drive in the snow and then drive too fast and then things get interesting fast.

karen said...

oh I scrunched up my face every time the bumper cars crashed ... you'd think they'd get out of the ice covered ruts! So you have snow today? It's cozy for the first day or two, then ... it's time to o work in it. Stay safe & warm!