Tuesday, December 16, 2008

today was sluggish

I had to drag myself out of bed today, whapping myself with a mental noodle. My brain kept saying, "Get up!!" And my body said, "What? Already?" *snore*

I walked around in a fog all day. I sat in a meeting for three deadly hours, taking notes. I hope I can make sense out of them tomorrow.

I went to pick up E-girl from practice, and fell asleep in the car waiting for her. Practice did not get over early as I thought, and I napped for almost an hour.

I came home, put a quick chicken and rice dinner in the oven, and curled up under the covers because I was still tired, and I was freezing. The next thing I knew, it was done. Just like that. Well, not really, because I actually slept for an hour until my sweet Dee told me the timer was going off.

I think my candle might be running out of wick. Too many late nights and early mornings. Time to turn over a new leaf, just in time for New Year's.

I don't usually make New Year's resolutions because I only usually keep them for about three days, and then it's like they get wiped out of existence.

But a new habit...they say it takes about three weeks to develop a new habit. If I think of it as a habit, it might work. (I can too trick myself, Gee. I do it all the time when I turn my clock ten minutes ahead so I think I have extra time. LOL) But I think if I get into the habit of going to bed early, many other things would fall into place.

I wish I was in the habit of being timely. I try to cram too many things into too short a time and it makes me run late.

I wish I was in the habit of being cheerful. Even if I sound cheerful on the outside, I find myself being cranky inside for no reason sometimes.

I wish I was in the habit of not procrastinating. I'm tired of doing everything at the last minute in a hurry. It sucks all the fun out of my day.

What habits are on your wish list?


karen said...

you stole my list! is it printed on my forehead or something?? oh my, I stay up way too late, too. all the time. today I about crashed. er, well, I did. total wipe out. I need more exercise. period. then I would probably be sleepy when I should be sleepy. I work in an office and then I'm at the computer a lot at home now that it's winter. Dark early. Deeepressing. ... maybe I'll try again tomorrow ;) xo to you!

Faith said...

I'm like you, I set my alarm clock ahead 15 minutes. Whats the point? Do you really think we get any more sleep, lol! Then I push snooze about 3-4 times before I get up. I'd like to be a morning person and jump out of bed and say, "Good morning Lord, thank you for another day!" Just not me in the morning,its groan, gotta get up out of this warm cozy bed!
Maybe I should practice jumping out of bed like that and it'd catch on? think so? I wonder what my husband would think, lol!

daisy said...

LOL...is that a 'fake it till you make it' kind of thing? I'm going to try it tomorrow morning!