Thursday, December 11, 2008

was this addressed in the employee manual?

I knew there were more good reasons not to eat at KFC. I already don't eat there because of the flak that came out a while about chicken brutality. Okay that sounds kind of funny, but it's not supposed to. There were videos published about the way the workers abused and tortured the chickens at the KFC "farms" -- horrible! You can google it, I'm sure, but I have a hard time writing about it. It makes my stomach feel throw-uppy to think about it. I haven't eaten there since that came out.

So I always say to myself when I drive by a KFC, I say -- "Kentucky Fried Killahs" -- and yes, I say it with a Southern accent in my head.

Then today on the news, didja see this one?

Three employees of KFC decided to take a bath at the end of the day in the kitchen sink at the KFC they worked at (notice the past tense--worked) and posted the pictures on their mySpace sites. Can we just say a collective "eeeewwwww"? Yuk. Double yuk.

Here is a goofy KFC Bathing Beauties slideshow that someone already threw together:

Apparently they don't make enough money working at KFC to be able to afford an apartment with a tub?

Maybe a new meaning for the acronym KFC: Kentucky Fired Cuties? Okay, that was bad. Maybe you can think of a better one.

People's stupidity lack of forethought never ceases to amaze me.


Faith said...

I had seen on the news a while back that KFC was one of the dirtiest restaurants. Since I heard that I haven't been back. That is disgusting, bathing in the tub there!

karen said...

What's this? Upstate California's reality TV version of the Playboy Mansion's famous grotto? 3 stinky KFC employees bathing seductively in their skivvies in a sink? On video. I bet they snickered every time someone ordered "extra spicy" chicks. Oh, I mean chicken.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Ugh. I think I just lost my appetite!!

My neighbor actually got some bad coleslaw at a local KFC and almost died from it. Yikes.

Smellyann said...

Oh, gross!! I knew there was a reason I stopped eating there ages ago!