Friday, December 12, 2008

weekend plans

I'm looking forward to this weekend. I have high hopes of it being a fun and productive one!

Mugs is coming over to help make fruitcake! Yay! We are going shopping Saturday to get the goods for them. I think I'll have to do the rest of my grocery shopping then, too. I have five more meals to buy for.

I've been inspired by Karen over at the art of heart to create my own holiday wreath. Hers is simply gorgeous. AND it was free! I'm going scavenging in the yard to see what I can come up with.

The Nester has a Mr. Linky going where bloggers can show off the garland they've created--there are tons of ideas here! Go and visit a few of them for more inspiraton.

Off the top of my head, I can already think of a few things: grapevines from the neighbor's fence--the shoots that did a sneak attack on my lilacs, a few snips from our Douglas fir, some rosehips from our Rosa Rugosa bushes for a nice splash of red, and maybe some brass decorations, if I didn't already throw them all away. Wrap it up with a shimmery cream and gold taffeta ribbon that I have in my scrapbook supplies, and who knows how good it could look! Maybe Mugs will want to make one, too.

I'm rearranging my closet, one more time, because the last change is just not working. I've thought of a new arrangement, and I have an empty tote for the books I'm not reading yet, but don't want to toss. I'll add that to the stack of totes in the...garage! That's where the mess is migrating to, once again. We'll have to do a spring clean sweep of the garage.

I wonder if that's enough to put on my list. I always have way more on my list than I have time to do. I think it fills some deep psychological need in me. Ha! If I got everything done, what would I do with myself?

If the promised ice storm shows up Sunday morning, I don't think we'll be taking D-boy and T-boy to church. We'll be sitting tight until it blows over. If it passes us by, we'll go.

I wonder if I can fit a little scrapbooking in somewhere this weekend--or would that be the splash that makes the bucket overflow? And where, I wonder, are we going to fit in some Christmas shopping?

A happy Friday and a pleasant weekend to you all!

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karen said...

Thanks for the mention, Daisy! The wreath is holding up to the weather. Can't wait to see what you put together this weekend. Re: fruitcakes, you remind me of Truman Capote's, A Christmas Memory! The making of the fruitcakes, that is, and her big heart. xo