Friday, December 5, 2008

yes, I am crazy

They say you inherit insanity from your kids. It could be...they drive you to it! I was thinking about that last night.

E-girl is in basketball, now. I'm finding out how much fun it is to be a sports mom. Well, only about a couple of weeks' worth of fun, so far. My part has consisted of picking her up after practice. There's a home game tonight. I think I'll go.

But she's hardly ever home now. I have to get all my words out when we're in the car or she disappears into her room to do homework after she gets home. Or she gets on the computer and goes into zone-out mode.

So anyway, I was feeling a little goofy on the way home yesterday, and she was tired. So of course, she was giving me these half-hearted answers when I'd ask her something. Yeah. Um hmm. Nope. I dunno. Looking half asleep. Doesn't even look at me.

And I'm like a little kid. If I don't get a reaction, I just get crazier. So I'll sing her little songs, or just do things that make no sense. I finally got her when I wasn't even really trying to. We had just pulled into the driveway, and I yelped. "Ouch!"

"What?" she says.

"Oh, no big deal. The elastic on my waistband must have caught one of the hairs on my back and pulled it. It hurt!"

She gave me a long stare. "You have hair..." her voice trailed off. And then, "Yeeeaaah, the weather sure is getting cold. Think I'm goin' in the house, now."

Laughing, I got out of the car and shouted after her, "It's only baby peachy fuzzy hair!"

What will the neighbors make of that?? I crack myself up sometimes.

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karen said...

you are crazy! in a good way :) I just came back to the computer after an hour or so ... and I forgot to exit out of your blog! my zip is zapped today. is your escape cabin ready yet? i'm ready to move in ...