Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah who?

I pulled this from MNSBC...kind of a knee-jerk response to McCain's pick for Sarah Palin.

Personally, I'm not jumping on the bandwagon. She isn't very environmentally friendly. She's too chummy with Big Oil. She doesn't have the breadth or depth of experience she needs should she land in the Pres's office by default if something happens to McCain. I think we've had enough damage done in the last eight years.

But here, from Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, and Domenico Montanaro

*** The case for Palin: For McCain, the biggest thing Sarah Palin brings is buzz. It's something the campaign has been seeking for some time. In fact, it has bothered Team McCain that it doesn’t get the same "gee whiz" kind of coverage that Obama gets. Palin changes that discrepancy -- for now. She also helps McCain re-introduce himself as a change-reform candidate. Palin's whole shtick in Alaska is reformer; it's what got her into the governors mansion. Indeed, the Palin pick may signal that the McCain folks have concluded that "experience" as a message isn't a winning one, even though they spent the entire summer developing that argument. So they are hoping Palin helps redefine GOP ticket as change. What's more, she brings a historical first to the McCain campaign. And finally, there's Palin's gender, which the McCain folks hope reopens some of the Clinton-Obama wounds that the Dem convention seemed to heal.

*** The case against Palin. The biggest negative about the pick is that on its face, it looks like a political gimmick, a political calculation. And McCain's supposed to be anything but a calculating or gimmicky pol. Indeed, as the Los Angeles Times wonders, isn’t McCain supposed to be the guy putting “country first” and not playing politics? The fact that McCain doesn't know Palin and spent all but a couple of hours getting to know her before making his pick is going to invite A LOT of judgment criticism. The perception is going to be that McCain panicked and wanted to do something radical to shake up the race. Well, he may have shaken up the race, but at the cost of undermining his best asset: that he was ready to lead. This decision doesn't look like it was well thought out, even as Palin has made a tremendous first impression.

What do YOU think?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

everybody say awwwwww...

This is a perfect story guaranteed to cheer up moms of children fleeing to college. At least temporarily.


Now doesn't that put a smile on your face? I feel better already!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

another one flew out of the cuckoo's nest

Kids going away to college is highly overrated.

We dropped Gail off at her dorm today. She is on the fourth story, and the elevator was out of commission. How convenient.

So we huffed her things up four flights of stairs to her room. That room is so small!! But her bed wasn't ready, and she wasn't sure what else she had to do. Fortunately her knight in shining armor (and company) were there to help get her get her stuff upstairs, and get her going in the right direction. He went to the U last year so he knows what's up.

We could only sit there at the curb for a few minutes, so once we got her stuff unloaded, we said our goodbyes. I gave her a hug. I tried to get into the van before I started crying, but I wasn't quick enough.

"Mom! Don't cry!" she says. That's what they always tell me. Too late. I didn't want to make her cry, but then I cried all the way home.

I asked Pinda if it gets easier the second year. "Nope," she said. "I've been crying for a couple of days already."

Oh, great. I have so much to look forward to.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

a perfect match

Gee is a great scrapbook partner...I'm so glad she came with on the Great Girlie Getaway Weekend! Although I'm not so sure she would have come if I called it that out loud. But she keeps me focused and much more on track than I would have been on my own.

Last summer my BFF and I were here together, and boy did we get sidetracked. We are two peas in a pod. We went into town for a few sheets of paper, and FOUR HOURS LATER, we dragged our tails back to the house here. As Erica says it, we're not ADHD, we're ADOS. Or something like that. Attention Deficit...Ooooh, Shiny!

And I'm not very organized when I lay out my stuff. I just kind of pull it out and start with whatever catches my eye. Everyone had an 8-foot table to work on. Except me...I took over three empty tables in the back room with all my trinkets and tools and paper. Wait, make that four. I had one table for my Cricut and all my stamping and embossing supplies.

I am so random. I would drive anyone who is OCD absolutely batty. In fact, I'm pretty sure I drive Gee crazy, too, but she is nice enough (most of the time) not to say so. But she does call me on quite a few things.

Like when we were in town, and I had a worship CD playing...I forgot which verse came next, so I kind of mumbled my way through it. Only I picked the wrong verse so the words were wrong. She cracks up laughing at me. What is that?! How about cutting me some slack?

Or when I started to get sidetracked at Target by something I probably already have at home, but I just liked the color, I heard, "No. Mom. You don't need it. Let's go." It made me laugh, though, because unfortunately, she was absolutely right.

"Yes, dear," I said to her. And we moved on, back on track again.

Speaking of which, I gotta go finish my page now. More later. I have to tell you about the pulla, and the pink and green, and the hot tub, and ... well, I'm not doing very well here getting back to my project, am I?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

finnish with a twist

We were at the store doing some late night grocery shopping, my honey and I, and we were almost done. We try to get the frozen stuff last so that it doesn't thaw out before we get it home.

I was looking at the Drumsticks, trying to resist the temptation to buy some, and I turned to my honey and said, "If we ever go to Finland after the kids are grown, you're going to have to try a "tuutti". They are soooo good!" (You pronounce it doo-tee. You say the d sound almost like a t, and the t sound almost like a d. It's hard to explain. I guess it almost sounds like you're spitting.)

I don't know if there is another word for them, but tuuttis were the ice cream cones that were for sale at the little kiosks along every street. They were filled with things like strawberry or caramel filling, and they were TO DIE FOR. I don't even know if they have them anymore. That was many moons ago.

But anyway, he looked at me with this blank look and said, "WHAT??"

"You're going to have to eat a tuutti!"

He looked at me again and blurted out, "No!"

"What do you mean, no?" I asked him.

"I am NOT eating any dukey, and that's that! Even in Finland. That's where I draw the line."

I thought I was going to pee my pants laughing. "It's not dukey," I said. "It's a tuutti. It's the best ice cream you'll ever eat."

He just stared at me as I tried to stop laughing, and finally he smiled a little bit to humor me. Dukey indeed.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

just say no--to plastic!!

I do agree with one of my previous commenters: we need to reduce the amount of oil/gas that we use.

Well, now that I'm up on my soapbox, let me spout off some more. A good chunk of our oil consumption goes toward making plastic bags, such as the ones that the grocery stores gives you to put your groceries in, and individual serving size plastic bottles. We could save a ton of landfill space AND oil if we collectively choose to make small changes. Using reusable bags and refilling our own water containers are two things that any old body can do. And recycle the plastic that we do use!

Plus, plastic products cause the slow, torturous deaths of millions of helpless animals, and if you've read my blog for very long, you KNOW I love my animals. And the ones that aren't "mine", too. Although, if you take the view that we are responsible for being the earth's caretakers, which I do, then they are all "my" animals. (The dominion over the earth thing? Does NOT mean abuse and be careless with. Does NOT mean use up recklessly. God gave us wisdom. Hello.)

Take a minute and watch I ALWAYS remember my tote bags when I go grocery shopping. I saw this on Mel, A Dramatic Mommy's blog back in July, and it's been haunting me ever since.

I cry every time I watch this.

But this is encouraging. Here is one community trying to do something about it...

Okay, I'm hopping down, now. I have to go to bed.

I wouldn't trust him to hold MY checkbook

I usually try to stay off the subject of politics. Usually. But Exxon just posted record profits for this last quarter...and the record profits are coming out of our pockets. At $4 a gallon, we're all feeding the Exxon appetite for dollars.

But I'm just curious. Doesn't McCain think that 11.7 BILLION dollars in profit for THREE months is sufficient? Does he for some reason think that they need more money?


Sunday, August 17, 2008

more goodies!

I received a box in the mail this week, with the most beautiful handmade beaded card and envelope inside. It was from Karen at The Art of Heart. You can see them below (the photos are hers). The paper is handmade, and so is the envelope. The envelope even has a darling velcro fastening. It's adorable.

Go on over and pay her a little visit, and check out her Etsy site, too. She is so talented. Her beadwork is exquisite, and her writing is beautifully expressive, as well. You can read more about her story on her blog. I was humbled and awed at the same time.

Her generous giveaway has given me so much pleasure. However, I'm not going to give the card away to anyone...I am going to keep it. I have a frame I can put it in so I can hang it up and enjoy it. Every day when I see it, I'll be reminded of one more friend I've made in Bloggityville.

I love the blogosphere. How would I ever have met Karen and been able to find out that she makes these gorgeous creations? How would I ever have gotten one in my hands? She lives in Oklahoma. I live in Minnesota. Do you ever think about things like that? It's easy to take it for granted, but really. It amazes me.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

more good news...

And then in my email, I get a note that says, "You won!"

I won this book from Mindy Says. I'm so excited to get it and see what God has to say to me here.

And Mindy has a lot of good things to say, too. Click on over and pay her a little visit. And notice, if you will, that her favicon is a custom one, not the orange Blogger B. (That is the little tiny icon that is just to the left of the "www" address at the top of the page.)

I love that. I have to figure out how to do it with mine. So be patient, and one day when you visit me, I will have a little daisy favicon in my address bar. :) If you know how to do it and you can help me out, I'll be your best fri-end *said in a whiny singsongy voice*. I will even send you three of my custom handmade greeting cards. No, seriously. That's my next bloggy challenge for myself.

Hurray for a happy Thursday! And even better, Friday is right around the corner, and after that, the weekend!! In fact Friday's going to be here in ONE MINUTE!! I have to go to bed!!!

short and so sweet

Aw, this is just the thing I needed to see today. I get so tired of hearing stories about animals who are abused or neglected, so this video just made my day. I picked it up from WAHM's blog.

And just by the way, if you were the woman driving behind me today, yes, I ALWAYS brake for squirrels. I could see your lips moving, and it didn't look like sweet nothings coming out. Too too bad.

This is much nicer than the video clip I got in my email about some prankster who glued some guy's shoes to the floor, and then when he stepped into them, he fell flat on his face. I could see all the parts of his body that hit the concrete floor and all I could do was cringe. I didn't think it was funny at all. Why is it so funny to see other people's pain?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

it's gonna be a long week

It's only Tuesday, halfway through work. I'm draggin' my tailfeathers already.

It's time for a gratitude shout-out to pick me up. These are the things I'm grateful for:

  • to have a job to go to
  • to have food on the table every night
  • to have a healthy family
  • to be healthy myself
  • to see the smiling faces of my grandbabies so frequently
  • to be able to play with paper and other assorted pretties and toys and call it a hobby so people don't look at me funny
  • to have a home to call my own
  • to have such great kids
  • to have a great husband who makes me laugh and who puts up with me
  • to have a cute Augie doggie who gives me kisses
  • to have cats who make me happy
  • to be able to blog and make my kids roll their eyes at me

It always helps me stop whining if I look for the good things in my life, and then I realize how truly fortunate I am.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

note to dog

  • do not think that when you wake me up so early to go outside that I will be as happy as you are to be out there.

  • do not think that we will stay out for a long time so you can smell every blade of grass before you take care of business.

  • we are out there for one thing and one thing only. well, two.

  • we will only walk in the middle of the yard where the trees block me from view. I just got out of bed, for crying out loud. do I look like I want to walk by the road or the neighbor's fence where people can see me? my hair looks like it belongs to the creature from the black lagoon and I know how scrunched up and crabby my face looks at that time of the morning.

  • if you don't go right away, we don't stay outside longer.

  • looking totally dejected when I take off your leash and collar when we get back inside does not give you an extra trip outside.

  • no extra points for puppy eyes. when I'm so tired I can't see, cute puppy faces don't count.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

you mean it's MY anniversary? today??

Happy anniversary, happy anniversary, happy anniver-saaa-reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,

I was at Pinda and Lat's yesterday, and Pinda says to me, Happy Anniversary! (We share the same anniversary date. Isn't that just the most coincidental thing? Our kids are going out, and we have the same anniversary date.)

I just looked at her, like, Duh! What?

She repeated herself. And she's looking at me, waiting for a response.

And I don't have one because I'm looking at her with this dumb look on my face, thinking, "But it's only June. I still have more months till my anniversary."

And the slow realization dawned on me, that it was NOT June, it was August, and my, I mean our, anniversary was imminent!! I mean less than twelve hours imminent. And I had not a clue. Not prepared, not ready, not even on the radar. You've got to be kidding!

Maybe it's because I've been working in the bookstore and it seems like the summer is dragging on forever...and ever....

I went home and told my honey that Pinda wished us a happy anniversary. He just stared at me.

He gave me this deadpan look, and finally he says, "Is it today?"

*Oh, whew!* I wasn't the only one.

Well, it's par for the course. At least we figured it out the day before, thanks to Pinda. Two years ago, we BOTH remembered ON THE DAY OF.

What a pair we make! Hi-lar-ious.

Friday, August 8, 2008

slacker blogger

Yeah, yeah. I know, I've been slackin' on the blogging.

But I had a good reason. Well, several good reasons. I was sick. Hello. It was the kind of sick I get when I don't get enough sleep for several days in a row. I can do one night. Or maybe two. But when I get to three or four in a row without enough sleep, I get really sick. Seriously sick.

I was so sick all last weekend that it took me a few days longer than it should have to finish my bloggy giveaway. (Well, I guess I already told you I was sick before, but I just wanted to complain some more about being sick. I think maybe I didn't get all my words out today.)

Then I had to go to work. All day long, every day. Are you feeling sorry for me yet?

Actually, I didn't go to work Monday. I thought my head was going to explode at four-thirty in the morning when I woke up. I could feel every blood vessel in my brain swelling up and beating in unison on the inside of my skull. I called in to work and left a message right then and there.

It took me a minute, but I finally realized that I had been so sick all weekend that I hadn't made coffee for two days. No WONDER my head hurt. You coffee drinkers junkies KNOW what I'm talking about!

I made coffee at four-thirty-six in the morning with my hands shaking. I poured out a half cup as soon as there was enough in the pot and filled the rest of the cup with milk. I slugged that baby down, tossed back a few ibuprofen, turned off the coffee pot, and crawled back to bed. I felt halfway better when I woke up at noon.

Tuesday it was off to work again, and I've been working full time all week. And then I've been making an effort to get to bed early. Earlier, that is. And sometimes I cook dinner. Well, tonight I did. So my time has been very limited.

Today at work, I was so surprised when I saw my honey walking down the aisle at the bookstore, looking all handsome and smiling at me. He came to take me to lunch. What a sweet darlin'! We went to the Vietnamese restaurant that we like and had a yummy lunch.

Okay, if you don't want TMI, stop reading here.

Okay, you're still here. All bets are off. No complaints about the topic, then.

Much to my dismay, I discovered that I was a week early for a joyful monthly (or thereabouts) event that we girls share. What a lovely I checked myself out of work and went home. At least that is the official version. I was a little more graphic when I told my boss what happened.

I think she is going to get a little skeptical of the reasons for my frequent absences. It doesn't help that I don't want to be there! I'll take any excuse. But you can't really make up a potentially embarrassing situation like that, can you?

But next week, I will be at work every day, all day. I promise. I think.

Oh, and speaking of work, the job at the law firm did NOT work out. Maybe I didn't tell you about that. It's a short story. In fact it's barely a paragraph. A sentence.

Had an interview, but didn't get hired. Oh, well.

Monday, August 4, 2008

new babies and new space

We have a new grandbaby--as of Aug 1! No pics to post yet--they live a ways from here. Papa is one of the three boys who moved to WY, ten hours away. When Mom went into labor, she was trying to reach him, and where was he? Out of reach with a dead cell phone. When he finally got the message, she had been in labor for four hours, so he flung his stuff into the car and put it into high gear to get home. I guess he got there JUST in time. What a story to tell his little one when he gets older.

Apparently all went well, though, as far as I've heard. Is Jarrett Reed not just the cutest name? I can't wait to see him!

And on the other end, another chick flew the coop finally. Johnny moved into his first apartment this weekend. I'm happy for him, and I'm a little sad, too. But that's how life is. You grow up, move out, get married, and have kids. Then your kids grow up, move out, and start the cycle all over again. I never thought about this end of it when I was moving out, the parent end, and I'm pretty sure that my kids won't either. Not until they get them themselves.

So a lot of space got cleared whole bedroom was emptied and filled again as fast as you can say apartment. Erica has her own room for the first time in her life. The other bedroom got a whole lot roomier for the other two girls. Gee kind of got robbed because she is going to college. Otherwise, in the normal line of succession in our house, she would have been next in line to get her own room. But it makes no sense to keep two girls in one room the whole school year while the other room is empty except for holidays and occasional weekends. So her loss, Erica's gain.

Gee has already informed me that she will probably not be living at home full time again ever. She's got it figured out...about three years of college, then a full time job and her own place. She can do it, too, if she puts her mind to it. She's smart, and she's disciplined. So there's a little preview for me, yes?

And now there is more space in the dining and the living room since Johnny took some furniture with him. You know how I finally got my rocker to rock my grandbabies in? (I don't remember if I blogged about that or not.) But it turns out that the rocker we bought was not nearly as nice as a LaZ-Boy rocker. It wasn't as comfortable, and it was hard to get out of. Boy do I sound like my mom, now. But I just didn't really heart that chair, so we gave the rocker to John for his apartment. He was happy to have something to sit in, and I was happy to not have to keep a chair I wasn't in love with. Win-win.

And Dee is going to move some of her stuff out of the living room into the girl's room, which will open it up visually even more. Aaaaaahhh... *huge sigh of satisfaction* I feel like I can breathe better.

And my closet (where the falling clothes accident happened)? Well, I've come up with a solution, I think, so I can move past the stalled-out stage and pick up momentum again. I might fiddle with that today if I get time and I feel better.

I stayed home sick today. I was sick all weekend. Yukk. Ibuprofen is my best friend right now. We've been on very good terms this weekend. I've been swabbing my nose with Zi-cam and OD-ing on Vitamin C. My mama would be so proud.

I think I have the same bug that I always get when I stay up too late too many nights in a row. It starts out with my nose and throat burning, it moves into muscle and joint aches, then it takes up residence in my chest and lungs. I'm on the chest and lungs day, coughing up disgusting green things with little red streaks in them.

I guess it's too late to give you a gross-o-meter warning. I hope you've already had your breakfast or you're not going to want to eat after reading that. You might want to disinfect your monitor, too, after you read this. You can never be too careful with those viruses.

I've gone through a bottle of hand sanitizer and two bottles of hand washing soap. I don't want to make anyone else sick. I'm even sleeping with my head at the other end of the bed so I don't cough on my honey and infect him. I don't know if it'll help, but it makes sense to me so I'm giving it a try.

Well, a sick day home with my little X-man is always better than a healthy day at work. Happy Monday!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

winners and more winners

Ah, it's bittersweet. The drawings for my bloggy giveaways are done, but the giveaway excitement is gone, too. But on the bright side, I have lots of new blogs to visit and lots of new bloggy friends to get to know.

I used a random integer generator to choose my winners because that is the most fair way I can think of. Although I do love going to visit everyone's blog who commented here, there is no way for me to pick a winner. It makes my brain boggle trying to come up with criteria for a winner, so really, random is best.

So without further ado, here they are: The grand prize winner is Mommie Daze, and she wins the Starbucks card, the handmade cards, and a coupon for a box of Cocoa Puffs!

The runner up winners, who each get a coupon for a free box of Cocoa Puffs are, in no particular order:

Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

imadramamama (hmmm, sounds like a theme here with drama and mommies)

& Kathleen. Yay for the winners!

For my second drawing, the Brainiversity game, Smiling Sal is my winner! And she is a winner in more ways than just this. She always makes me smile when I visit her. Her latest escapade is the Bathroom Beauty Snapper club. If that catches your ear, click on over and pay her a little visit. I guarantee you'll be smiling before you're done.

If you are interested in the game but didn't win, click on the Brainiversity picture. It will take you to their site and you can play online for free. I don't know if it is the same exact version, but it looks like there is a trial version available there, too. Happy game playing, and thanks to all my visitors for stopping by!

Friday, August 1, 2008

my brain is growing. is that why my head hurts?

I got the coolest, seriously, the coolest PC game: Brainiversity. I was asked to review it and post my thoughts about it. So I asked for an extra copy to give away, and they were nice enough to give it to me! So I'm adding it to my giveaway fun.

Well, when I installed it and tried it out, it seemed waaay too simple. How could this help my poor brain? It was just easy math problems and putting words in alphabetical order and such. But I tried it out anyway just to see.

Whoa, Nellie! I didn't get any perfect scores there, and my confidence took a little dip. Even more humiliating was the fact that when I finally let my girls get on and try it (after I had a week to practice and get a jump on them), they passed me right up. Zoooooop!

Then Gee got to do a new level that I didn't have yet, and it was a fun one. That was it! I started practicing all the time. I'm the mom, for crying out loud. I have to be better at something!

You get credit for going on every day and taking your test and doing practice things, and after a certain point, it opens up levels with new games to play. You can track your progress with a daily exam, and you can even compare your results with up to five other people playing on the same computer.

So, yeah, we're getting a little competitive. And I'm off work today, so I can get some extra practice in! *rubbing hands together gleefully* (No, Gee, I am not a dork. Well, yes, yes I am, but that's beside the point right now.)

Your brain does work just like a muscle. The more you use it, the quicker it gets. I'm loving it! In my everyday stuff, I don't need to do these snap things, like do snap multiplication in my head, or put things in alphabetical order on a regular playing this game is like a Stairmaster for my brain.

The girls have a similar game for their little DS handheld things, so they're used to doing this. At least that's my excuse for now. But I'm practicing, and I love seeing those scores go up! Kind of like going back to school as an get stuck on getting those A's.

Well, you get props on this game when you do well. The little brain guy shows up and says things like, "My, you're doing very well...much better than last time." AND, you get these little "Great Job" stamps when you score over 90% on getting a sticker on your paper when you're a little kid. I love it!

But now, the best part is that I get to give one away! I could tie this in with the Great Bloggy Giveaway, only today is Friday. Oh, what the heck, I'll do it anyway. I'll draw the winner a little later than today...I'll stretch it out till Monday. It's my blog, I can do it if I want to, right? Yeah, that's what I thought!

So leave me a comment if you want to enter. Make sure I have a way to contact you! Cheers! And here's to a better brain. Okay, I know it's a cheesy line...I just didn't have a better one right now. I've been using all my brain power playing games!

And for those of you who want to read more about the benefits of Brainiversity, here's a link. Just click on the picture--AFTER you leave your comment! :)