Sunday, January 4, 2009

ambushed by a virus

Is it my imagination, or are the viruses getting nastier? I just barely felt something coming on Friday afternoon, and by the time I went to bed Friday night, I was shivering with the chills so badly that I could barely hold my glass of water to take my ibuprofen with. It's been like that the whole rest of the weekend.

Mugs was over, and we got a little scrapbooking done yesterday between ibuprofen doses. I'd take some, feel a little burst of energy, and quick get done what I could. By the time four hours was up, I was shivering again.

It moved down into my chest real quick. I'm coughing like crazy. I've been going around the house disinfecting doorknobs right and left. I'm afraid of spreading this one around.

Last night I moved the portable heater next to my side of the bed because I was so cold. It's crazy. I haven't been this sick since forever.

I cooked up a mess of food today because Mugs' family was coming for dinner, and to pick her up and take her home. We had four teenagers, a wanna-be teenager, a baby, a couple adults, Mugs, and my honey and I. I think the walls were rattling, moving in and out like the bass beat of a drum. They could probably hear us in the city.

I looked at my honey when they all left. "Dear." He looked at me. I said, "Sshhhhhhh...listen!" He tilted his head, and I whispered, "It's quiet again." It's hard to believe that the noise level in our house used to be loud like that ALL THE TIME. Like right up until ten o'clock at night. No wonder we never used to try to watch TV. You couldn't hear it anyway!

Now the food is gone, the crowds are gone, the animals are all knocked out - resting up from avoiding the chaos, probably. Most of them make themselves scarce when there are visitors over, especially if they are a little loud or boisterous.

It's only 9 pm now, and I have nothing to do but get ready for bed! And maybe scrap a few more pages in the peace and quiet. I'm between ibuprofen doses, so I have to take full advantage while I feel halfway human.


karen said...

I'm just now human again ... just in time for Monday! Drats. I was ambushed 3 weeks ago. Dreadful. Sudafed 12 hour stuff kept me going this last week. Now I'm almost back on track. Nasty stuff. Get well soon! xo

Becky K. said...

Be Careful with that stuff in your chest. My friend ended up with Pneumonia very quickly...she usually gets it the old fashioned way ...from bronchitis...but this time it came on quickly.

Hope you are totally better very soon!

Smellyann said...

Aw, sorry you're sick! Feel better soon.

karen said...

Daisy, how are you holding up? Thought I would check in again to see how you are feeling. Get well soon!! xo

daisy said...

Oh, thank you!! You are so sweet.

I've been trying to sleep. The doctor gave me some antibiotics, and told me to stay home today. She says, "And all you should be doing is drinking lots of liquids and reading magazines. Not trying to finish everything you didn't get done over the holiday weekend." Ha! Who has she been talking to, I'd like to know? :)

I'm hoping I'll feel well enough to go to work tomorrow, though. I've already used up my sick time.

Faith said...

Hope your feeling better!