Friday, January 9, 2009

can I just whine?

Just a little? You don't have to read it, but I wanna whine anyway.

Today. sucked.

I got up on time this morning and took some ibuprofen right away. I was coughing like crazy. I forgot to use the nebulizer to tame down the asthma. I ate a little breakfast. I packed a lunch.

I was ROASTING by the time I left--thanks to the ibuprofen. So I just grabbed my jacket over my arm and headed to work.

Halfway to work, I looked a little closer, and I had picked up Gee's jacket, which is the SAME COLOR as mine, but a much smaller size. She's like a little Barbie doll or something, and trying to put her coat on would have been like a clip from Tommy Boy, where Chris Farley has the other guy's coat on, and starts singing, "fat guy in a little coat..." I knew I was toast.

I had to walk about a block to get inside at work, which wasn't bad in the morning because I was still warm! AND I got into a warm building right away. Leaving on the other hand, was much worse. I was cold from sitting down all day in a (silent) office, and after I walked the block in the cold air and wind, I had to get into a cold car and wait for it to warm up. Brrrrrr!

Which also meant that all of my good stuff that I keep in my coat pockets was all sitting at home, too. My chapstick, my mints, my inhaler, clippers, little lotion bottle, hand sanitizer, AND my wallet with my license--oh yeah. All at home.

So all day long, I'm sitting in the office with two people who don't talk, and I'm coughing. And trying not to cough. And coughing some more. And once in a while one of them heaves a big sigh, but I have no idea what about. I don't know them well enough to talk about the coughing. Or anything else, for that matter.

But maybe we're more alike than I think. (Me and the quiet people, that is.) They sent out a trivia contest on our work email as part of some employee appreciation days. I looked at it and thought I knew most of them, but finished my little project first. Then I filled it out and sent it back in.

I had all the right answers, but someone else sent theirs back in with the right answers before I did. Who won? The girl who sits behind me in the quiet office!! So close! But we both did it without saying anything that we were doing it. LOL

I could hear the ladies in the next office. They were all talking about their answers as they went. I could hear them talking, too, after they found out the name of the person who won. "Who's that?" they said. "Who?" And after they figured it out, they had to come to the door and peek at her nametag on her desk to make sure. Right in front of her. People are so funny.

Oh, and just for a little cleanup, I'm sending The Voice New Testament that I reviewed to Faith. That giveaway was left hanging a little while out there. Just another falling domino that I didn't catch when I got sick.

But on the bright side, my honey found my little orange and purple pouch for me. I lost that in the hubbub. Misplaced it, anyway, and he knew right where it was. What a gem. He's one of the bright spots in my day.


karen said...

oh no. on so many levels. sheesh, that office sounds like a morgue. hope you are home resting and relaxing today. i can just see you shivering in that cold car!! that was this pits! pamper yourself. rest, rest, rest. xo

Crazy Daisy said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! take it easy the rest of the weekend!

Faith said...

Tis the season.....fa la la la la, la la la la. I have been coughing up a storm too and have a very gruff voice. No fun being sick! Thank you for The Voice! Will be looking forward to reading it.

MindyLew said...

I used to work in an office filled with other people and it is the pits when you get sick and you feel as though every little sniffle,sneeze,cough & clearing of the throat becomes so loud that the whole building must be hearing it!! My heart goes out to you - hope you get to feeling better!!

bethn said...

Oh no! I hate when you just can't stop coughing and you feel like you're driving everyone else nuts. Even though they probably understand. FEel better soon!