Tuesday, January 13, 2009

a good news bad news kinda day

This morning at six o'clock, our local bank website said it was -24° F! That's right. Twenty-four lovely frosty degrees BELOW zero! Tell me again why I live in Minnesota? This is crazy. That's NOT the good news, by the way.

I grew up in Colorado, and the weather was much more temperate there. We'd get snow, sometimes a lot of it, but the temperature didn't stay frigid for long. Here it's like you have to hunker down in your long johns and woolly socks and not plan on getting out of them for a good few months.

My car started without much complaining. That's good news, especially in the cold.

Then I brought my breakfast to work this morning because I didn't want to be late...cereal in a baggie, and milk in a bowl with a twist-on cover. I really have to be more careful of how I carry my little cooler/lunch bag. It had tipped over on the seat. And those Rubbermaid bowls, well, if you don't twist those covers on tightly, let's just say they're not very liquid-tight. Half the milk was puddled on the seat of my car underneath the tipped over lunch cooler. I had nothing to wipe it up with, so I had to just leave it and hope it would freeze before it soaked in. I know. Isn't that lame? I'll clean it later. Yeah, back to bad news, I know.

Then after I got inside and when I looked in the little soft-sided cooler, most of the rest of the milk was in the bottom of that. Grrrr. There was about four teaspoons of milk left in the little non-liquid-tight bowl. It just rocked back and forth in the bottom of the bowl, taunting me. Good news? Not yet.

I will tell you, I was so tempted to pour my cereal into my lunch bag and eat it out of there, but it smelled like a bad banana. I dunked one frosted mini-wheat into the milk to try it, and I think I could have braved the little fuzzies and stale sandwich crumbs (okay, not really...blggghh), but I do not like banana-flavored milk under the best of circumstances. So my breakfast was limited. I cannot eat frosted mini-wheats without milk. Too grainy. Too dry. Ah, well, it's probably good for me to eat a little less. :) Kinda good news.

But oh! On a happier note, I got a delayed Christmas surprise from my Wyoming boys--their PRESENCE!!!! They ventured back home on their seven-day off stretch. They just walked in the house last night. I think they heard me shrieking all the way in town. Oh, what a sight for sore eyes they were. Those stinkers. So sneaky. YES!! That's the goooooood news! Real good news.

They've been in town since Friday. Sadly, that is the same evening Otis, a friend of theirs who Rob used to work with, was killed in a snowmobiling accident. Not a nice thing to come home to at all. Yeah, we're back to the bad news. Why is life always such a good news/bad news kind of thing?


karen said...

who can explain it? it's what rocks us forward, I suppose. up and down, back and forth of life puts us all in motion. so sorry to hear about Otis. our love to you. stay warm.

Faith said...

Sorry to hear about your friend, thinking of you! Thats great your boys surprised you, how fun!

daisymarie said...

I could so see the struggle and thinking about dunking the cereal in the milk in the bag--maybe b/c I would have had the same struggle and have scooped out of the bottom of my bag. Shhhh, don't tell on me! LOL