Monday, January 19, 2009

a legacy of hope

Martin Luther King, Jr. I don't remember anything about him myself. I was only eight when he died. I might have heard about it, but I'm not sure. Maybe in school, but I don't remember my parents ever discussing anything about current events or politics. I don't remember hearing about JFK or his assassination either.

It's amazing to me how one man can have such an impact on society. Today we celebrate one man's legacy. Tomorrow we celebrate the inauguration of another man who I suspect is going to leave a legacy as well.

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Norah said...

Hi Daisy,

we watched the movie "The Great Debaters" the other night. It was so good, have you seen it? It just really reminded me of how far we have come in this country.. I just wish all the best for him, even though I voted for 'the other guy' :-). Historic times we're livin' in...