Saturday, January 31, 2009

reading--I forgot how much fun it is!

I've read three books in the last week! I really and truly forgot how much I enjoy reading.

I started the Twilight series--books one and two--that accounts for two of the books. Now I can't wait to see the movie. I heard it's pretty true to the first book, which was pretty darn good. Book two was very good, too, only it was very different from number one. But how could the first one get any better for book two? It had to be different. I'm trying really hard not to give anything away about the series in case you haven't read it.

Now I'm waiting on book number three. When I get going on them, I can finish one in a day.

The other book I read was a collection of poems by Kirsten Dierking. She has published two that I know of. The first one was called "One Red Eye" and it's quite powerful. I don't usually sit down and read a whole book of poems. With this one, I couldn't put it down. She writes about her experience of being attacked and raped and then goes into her healing's very intense. I think I was holding my breath as I read it.

Dierking is, by the way, Finnish. Yes! Okay, just had to throw that in there for us Finns. And she discovered she had some Sami blood in her as well. I've wondered about that...

Now I have the second book of hers, Northern Oracle, and I guess I relate to the poems in here quite a bit. I have been having the "aging" conversation with myself in my head...I'm going to be fifty next year. *choke* I've only said that to myself so far!! Hitting thirty and forty were a piece of cake. Fifty? Can't quite wrap my mind around that.

But you know, it's the little things. Like when I watch the gymnastics part of the Olympics, and remember back to when I was in gymnastics. And compare me then, to me now. When WAS the last time I did a back handspring? A long, long, long time ago. But I still remember how it felt. Or how it felt when we would race across the park, intent on getting to the best swing first, running like the wind. It was so good when everything worked together, and I didn't have to think about how to run. I just ran.

Well, Ms. Dierking writes a little bit about this whole aging conversation that she has with herself... I especially like this poem:


I used to be able
to dive backwards
into the pool,
spine curved, legs taut,
hands reaching
blindly behind me
to cleave the water.

It seems I slowed
into older limbs
as naturally
as rain running down
the face of the window.
On what day
could I no longer
perform that dive?

I dream about it.
No fatigue
or hesitation.
Body arched
with effortless grace,
poised over
the waiting blue.

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bethn said...

I've been trying to read more often too right now. I actually have just been hitting the new release section at the Library and picking some different titles. Some have been winners, and some not so much. Enjoy!