Thursday, February 5, 2009

baby steps

They did an MRI today to see if Mugs had a stroke. No results yet.

The ultrasound showed her kidneys are not filtering. I think Heidi said they kind of shrivel up when they're not working, and they look like raisins. One small cyst, they could see. They still hope that her kidneys will start working again.

They were kicking around the idea of putting a feeding tube in because she couldn't keep anything down. Tonight she ate some lemon sherbet, so they are going to wait and see.

She was also more alert tonight, Heidi said, than she has been since she went in. The big picture, I think, would show improvement for my Mugsy, but the progress is so slow, it's almost like listening for corn to grow on a hot July night. I'm so impatient.

But I know that God has impeccable timing. Sometimes we get so frustrated waiting, and then when the waiting is over, we can see why it took so long. Sometimes it just develops patience in us. I don't want any more patience! I'm in too much of a hurry. LOL.

You know, I spend a lot more time with God when I have problems in my life than I do when things are sailing along splendidly. So there is an up-side to all of this after all! Thanks again for your sweet comments and emails and prayers. I treasure each one!


Becky K. said...

I have literally stopped when things were going well and prayed to remain thankful and close to the Lord so I wouldn't need these reminders and reasons to call out to Him. It still isn't the same.

What I love is that comforting presence of the Holy Spirit when you just can't make it in yourself. It was so obvious as we went through losing both Dads in such a short time. There is no other way to describe it other than being carried, very gently, through the fire.

Knowing that God never makes mistakes and that each of our days were written down before a one of them began is comforting, as well.
Whatever God does is always good.
Athough, I sometimes really, really don't like it!

What you have shared is so true!

Barb said...

Sending prayers your way. Remember, God always knows your heart and it is obvious that you are close to Him.

Big hugs!