Thursday, February 19, 2009


Oh, I'm dreaming of a vacation someplace warm...we're back in the ice bucket.

I forget whose blog I was reading (I'll find it eventually) and they were planting seeds inside for the spring. They had pictures of the little sprouts were coming up, and it made me so anxious for spring to come.

I need warm weather.

* * *

Well, Mugs is being discharged from the hospital. She is still not doing fabulous, but she fell twice in the last two days there. While an assistant was helping her, BOTH times. How does that happen??

Maybe she will be better off at home with home health care. They took out the port for dialysis, and called her one of their success cases because she graduated from dialysis back to regular kidney function. They suggested a nursing home. Both she and Heidi said an emphatic NO!! Sometimes being home in your own bed is good medicine.

This sounds so short and choppy, but there's so much to say that I try to condense it. It doesn't work very well. It just sounds...incomplete.

After a few go rounds of no one knowing if she's coming or going, and then this falling thing, we start to wonder who really knows what's going on and if they even know what they're doing. No offense, but too many balls were dropped for my liking. Pray that the being at home thing goes well, and that the home health care piece will work out as well.

* * *

And now switching gears once again, on to more bits and bites about--what else? Moi! LOL. And why not? I don't know much about you all, but I'm an expert on me.

So I'm on this reading kick. I've got four, no, make it five, books that I'm trying to read: I've got three books from a lady at work. I've got a book from the free shelf at the library. I've got a Kay Arthur book that I'm going through with a couple of special ladies. Oh, plus I've got three Nora Roberts books to read after that. And none of those are library books. No fines can accumulate!

I read on the way home from work. I read while I'm waiting for my BooBoo to get done with basketball practice. I read in the bathroom. What? Back up? What do you mean what do I mean? On the way home from work? No, not while I'm driving! Only when I'm waiting at the stoplights. LOL

I'm having so much fun reading, it's amazing. It's almost like I have a life. Ha! Okay, quit rolling your eyes, Gee. I can see you! (Yes, I can, too. In my mind's eye.) Keep it up and I might start telling your secrets, too. Hee hee.

* * *

I have an unexpected day off for family health issues tomorrow...I have a list of things to do that is about fourteen miles long, but I think my day is only about three miles long. It's the story of my life! It'll be good practice in prioritizing, won't it now? :^(

Think cleaning--really cleaning; think running long past-due errands *cringe*; think shopping; think doing all of this with my little ChiChi man. Who hates running errands, by the way. He would rather "Stay home!" And as soon as you have stopped at one place, he starts an incessant, "I home! I home!" And he's so adorable I can't stand it.

After thinking about all of that, I'm rethinking, and considering...napping!

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